Survey Showing Mar Roxas Leading a Nationwide Survey Busted

One of the Philippines respective news media organization, Philippine Star became the latest victim of a bogus survey firms according to some netizens who shared a very valuable information regarding the supposed reliable survey which was reported by PhilStar's Pang Masa tabloid newspaper.

According to the survey reported by PhilStar, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas and his running-mate Rep. Leni Robredo is currently leading a survey conducted by an unknown survey firm "" that published the survey on their official website.

The PhilStar was taken down later as the link posted online was nowhere to be found online but another report from Abante Online showed the same report that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo were leading in the said survey.

Some concerned netizens posted the alleged fake survey company who posted the survey online which was already pick up by some reliable news agencies in the country. Based upon their investigations, the cmpany "" is a fake website.

Original Website Source of Template

Copied Website by

IT experts who scrutinized the website found out some discrepancies on the said website, the "" is a new website which was created just this April 14, 2016. Most of the website links are still unfinished or under construction. 

Netizens revealed that the template used by the survey company was the same with the template of a reliable website:

What do you think of the latest survey by an unknown website? Just add your comments on the space provided below.

Source: Bari Silvestre FB Post

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