Hostage Victim's Account of How Mayor Duterte Saved Her Life Went Viral Online

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the leading presidential candidate in the latest nationwide survey became the constant target of black propaganda from his opponents and the country's national news media company but this does not stop his supporters of revealing the real story behind Mayor Duterte's heroism.

Mayor Duterte became the target of negative news and black propaganda during the campaign period particularly his sensationalized viral joke during an event in Quezon City. The 71-year-old Mayor Duterte was criticized for his bad joke about the Australian missionary but major news network in the Philippines failed to report the real story of the incident that happened during the year 1989.

Due to the popularity of viral joke issue of Mayor Duterte and the hostage incident that took place during the year 1989, an avid Duterte supporter speaks up and shared the real story during that fateful day.

Facebook user Ron Amiscua revealed on her Facebook post that she was one of the victim of the hostage taking happened at Dapecol Penal Colony on April 2, 1989. On her long story account of the event, she praised Mayor Duterte's heroism.

Here's the Complete MyDuterte Story of a Rescued Salvage Victim:

By Ron Amiscua
Rodrigo Duterte is my Hero!!!
Yup you heard it right!
I am the living proof why I call him hero… I was one of the 13 hostages at Dapecol Penal Colony on April 2, 1989. There’s an organization called VIPS(Volunteer in Prison Service) which my father is a part of it who hosted the singing contest program for inmates that day. As a family we support and get involved. I (13 y.o.) and my older sister were there to watch the show.

Everything seems calm and having fun that afternoon. A couple of contestant was called by the emcee, one inmate suddenly grabbed her and pointed his sharp knife on her neck and shouted ”Hostage ito!” Everybody was in disbelief.

As I was sitting down and checking around I've noticed that each inmates grabbing civilians as their shields.

They were trying to make their way out and demanded to the officer to open the gate. I saw my father struggling on the floor trying to disarm the hostage taker and finally he did. Suddenly someone had pulled me, pointed the knife on me to move closer to the gate. There was a lot of tension that afternoon. The hostage taker shouted that if nobody will open the gate somebody will get hurt.
They also demanded transportation which they were given, so as we were driving away heading to where was unknown!!!

I’ve seen the police, army and I guess then was government officials. Most of all Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who never left us following all the way through, who even asked to trade himself to the hostage takers to take him instead for our release.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte convinced them to drive back to Davao City so they can talked about their demands, but the inmates doesn't like the idea.

So what Mayor Rody Duterte did, he joined us to make sure we are all safe. THIS ACT OF KINDNESS AND BRAVERY WAS REALLY AMAZING!!!

At this time we are at Compostela Valley already which was quite far and I realized it’s Day 2 of the hostage taking.

Inside the bus Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did not stop talking and convincing the inmates to go back to Davao City where they can negotiate their demands, which was after long hour of pleading they had finally agreed. On the way to Davao City Hall, the leader of the hostage takers named Pugoy asked the Mayor if he can have his shoes and so Mayor Duterte gave it to him. By the time we arrived at Davao City Hall it was already evening , when we were inside the city hall we had our dinner and some of the inmates surrendered already including the one who hostage me. I thought I was free however the leader Pugoy released his hostage and took me instead. We moved to a small office room where he started to make more demands . On the 3rd day and finally they settled Pugoy’s demands and surrender himself.

So all of us 13 hostages was released unharmed and alive because of Mayor Rody Duterte's bravery and perseverance in convincing the hostage taker that he can be trusted with their demands.
I am a living proof that Mayor Rody Duterte is the President that we need! We can rely on him, If we want our country to become a better place to live in PLEASE choose the right person!!!
Vote Rody Duterte for President!!!

Source: Duterte 2016 Facebook Page
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