How to be a True Blue Duterte Supporter Guide Went Viral on Facebook

Facebook user Aki Cabanero made headlines on social media after his post on how to be true blue Duterte supporters made the rounds online. The post of self-proclaimed Mayor Duterte supporter lists some of the ordinary things every Duterte supporters should try to do in order to prove their support of Mayor Duterte.


According to the Cabanero, the things he listed on his viral post might be easy to follow and to be ready for a highly anticipated Mayor Duterte administration after the 2016 national elections. 
The Facebook user, clarified also that if someone who claimed to be a solid Duterte supporter can't follow the simple instructions given to them, then its an undeniable truth that they are not yet ready for the administration of Mayor Duterte as the country's chief executive.
Here's the Complete Viral Post of Aki  Cabanero:
Yes, you are a #Du30 supporter. In fact you are very vocal about it. You shout it out, you are proud of it, and in your excitement, you almost shove your endorsement to everyone else's throat. You say you want change, "the" real change. You are fed up of this country's old sh*t. You almost wanted to fast forward to election day and cast the first vote hoping that change come in an instant. Yes you. I'm talking about you. If you really want change, then you must be ready for it. How to be a true blue Duterte supporter? You start now!

1. Don't throw your garbage just anywhere.
2. Obey traffic rules. And I mean OBEY. No excuses. Red is stop. 60 is not 40.
3. You smoke? Respect the NO SMOKING sign. You really think this would be easy once he sits there, don't you?
4. Respect the LGBT. Respect one another.
5. Pay your taxes. Contribute.
6. Avoid under-the-tables, cheating, and bribing.
7. Don't urinate just anywhere (I'm guilty). Well of course, the forest is an exception. It's funny how you dislike passing by a smelly alley, and yet you piss at your favorite post.
8. No to illegal drugs. Just stop. End it. Hate it.
9. Practice patience. When you hit the limit, extend it. And then extend pa more.
10. Whatever you do, whenever, wherever and however, do it with discipline.

These are but few of the simplest things you can start doing today to be ready for a Digong administration. If you find the above difficult, you aren't ready yet. If it made you think twice, you aren't ready yet. We Filipinos are law-breakers. It's sad I know. We became accustomed to breaking simple rules and we get away with it because our land has no firm hand to execute the law. Little did we know, it destroyed the core of our discipline, the crucial character needed to build a nation. Once Digong sits there, we cant just expect him to clean our country like it was sweeping a floor with a broom. It's never gonna be that easy. It starts with you. It starts with me. We will never see change unless we bring it ourselves.

Still a Duterte supporter? Step forward.

#iChange #LeadUs #Now

*Credits to the original owner/artist of the picture, Bob Mata and greetings to his wife Mylene Eyes of Houston, Texas. Thank you so much!
— with Linsanity Ebin.
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