Atty. Rivera to Duterte Supporters: Focus on Undecided Voters

A known supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, Atty. Bruce Rivera posted another interesting message on his official Facebook account which is intended to his fellow Duterte supporters. According to viral lawyer on Facebook, the supporters of Mayor Duterte should focus on their candidate's promotions.

Atty. Bruce Rivera stated that all Duterte supporters should focus on the undecided voters instead of focusing against their bashers and the supporters of opposing candidates.

The San Beda lawyer, Atty. Rivera who made a name for himself because of his no-nonsense approach on supporting Mayor Duterte and revealing some of the flaws of the administration's candidates and survey leaders in the 2016 national elections noted that the DU30 supporters were busy answering to attacks and already loses their focus.

Atty. Rivera suggested to go back to positive campaigning by showing to all undecided voters how Mayor Duterte perform on his campaign sorties and showcased the mayor's qualification as a worthy president of the Philippines.

Here's the Viral Post of Atty. Rivera:


The past weeks, DU30 supporters are busy answering to attacks by the Mar campaign team and I think we are losing focus. This is the exact thing the enemy wants us to be. People are accusing us of making false surveys when in fact our only mistake was sharing the picture. I shared the survey but I know it was not done by any one of us because no one in the right mind would place Roxas within a fighting chance if it was a survey fabricated by a supporter. And yet, we are blamed. Before sharing, think hard. We are the targets because our candidate is the one to beat.

Let us go back to positive campaigning. Tama na ang balahuraan kasi madami tayong dapat gawin. Focus on Duterte, his qualifications and his campaign sorties. Debunk the surveys by letting people see the crowds and the warmth of the receoption. Tend to stay away from mudslinging unless you are completely sure. The administration is focusing on Duterte because Poe is one of them. If Poe wins, the status quo will pretty much be the same. Tuwid na daan pa din.

We need to focus on the undecided voters. Kahit ano pang sasabihin mo sa iba, paninira lang yun sa isang supporter na kumbinsido na sa kanilang choice. And the only way to get people to our fold is by promoting our candidate as a positive force in the democratic system.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
 Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page
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