Mayor Duterte and Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew Compared

One of the world's most prominent national leader, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was the man who transformed the tiny island nation in Southeast Asia from a poor agrarian society into one of Asia's wealthiest nations. Lee Kuan Yew was often called a "Benevolent Dictator."

In the Philippines, one of the leader who transformed a city in the south from the country's killing fields into one of the safest city in the world, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City is often compared to Lee Kuan Yew. Some of the most avid supporters of Mayor Duterte even dubbed the mayor as the "Lee Kuan Yew of the Philippines."

Let's go back to Lee Kuan Yew, during an interview with the New York Times, he said, "You call me a Dictator? You are entitled to call me whatever you like, but that doesn't make me one. Do I need to be a dictator when I can win, hands down?"

Lee Kuan Yew was one of the few world leaders who interfered in every aspect of the lives of Singaporeans like forcing them to save 25% of their incomes. They only get to enjoy their savings at the age of 55. Lee Kuan Yew's government used the money to build schools, roads, hospitals and the most brilliant among them i the public housing for Singaporeans.

The Singaporean leader was responsible in promoting family planning programs through a two-child policy. One of the most interesting program of Lee Kuan Yew's family planning was when the government gives money to those who agreed to be sterilized after the second child and lessens the maternit leave days of those who go beyond three.

He imposed strict penalties for anti-social behaviors like littering, jaywalking, smoking in public and gambling except for state lottery. Death is the penalty for drug trafficking. Lee Kuan Yew also championed the free trade in Singapore which attracted a free flow of foreign investment and multi-national giants.

Lee Kuan Yew was also a socialist. Singapore was literally in a dictatorship with free speech, no fear and no corruption.

Know More About Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City:

Most supporters of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wants him to lead the country because of his vision with the Philippines to become the modern-day Singapore. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will definitely fix the government by first amending the Constitution leading to the shift to Federal Form of Government like Singapore.

One of the definite major purpose of the Duterte presidency is the shift in government to Federal Form so that the national budget will be allocated to different states and the development in Metro Manila will spread to the provinces. The powers to govern and budget to build will be distributed to all the states in the Philippines.

Being a Socialist Dictator, when Duterte becomes president, he will use his power to promote social justice and equality. As a Leftist, he will be a champion of the masses but terror to the oppressive elites.

He will first clean the ranks of the military and police and then use them to bring back law and order. He will run after the drug syndicates and organized criminals like smugglers, carnappers and kidnappers. He will reinstate Death Penalty for heinous crimes and drug trafficking.

In Davao City, Mayor Duterte successfully applied his vision for the country, he will apply his strict ordinances like no smoking, no littering, no firecrackers, speed regulations, curfew for minors and anti-discrimination laws nationwide.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will clean the bureaucracy from corrupt officials starting with Congress, Bureau of Customs, DPWH and others. He will put an end to DAP, PDAF, red tapes and all corrupt practices.

Like Lee Kuan Yew, he will change the business climate in the country by promoting free trade, allowing foreign investors to put up their industries thereby generating jobs for many. As promised by Mayor Duterte, he will allow some international companies to put up business in the Philippines by leasing an entire island.

He will allow the government to subsidize education, transportation, hospitalization and health services. He will regulate or even stop the import of rice and other goods which we are producing. He will improve the agricultural sector by subsidizing irrigation, fertilizers and other supplements so that we will no longer import but export rice to other countries, improving the lives of the Filipino farmers.

Duterte's brand of leadership, no matter how you call it, "dictatorship", "authoritarian" or whatever, has been acceptable and loved by the people of Davao for decades. Like Singapore, Davao will become a prototype of the future Philippines- peaceful, liveable, orderly and progressive.

That is if we allow Mayor Rody Duterte, our version of Lee Kuan Yew to be the next president of the Philippines- wise, strong-willed but a benevolent dictator.
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