Priest Speaks Up on How Mar Roxas Work During the Onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda

A priest identified as Father Ramil Costibolo shared a very important letter to the former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas who is now running for President of the Philippines. On his letter that went viral after it was shared on Facebook, he revealed how Mar Roxas handled the government's efforts during and after the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban City.

According to the priest he saw Mar Roxas during the time when he bless the dead bodies and and tried to comfort the family and relatives of those Yolanda victims. He revealed that he was wearing a wet underwear during that time but Mar Roxas who was supposed to be the one who should take care of the rotten bodies was just standing on top of the traffic island, smartly dresssed in a well ironed shirt barking orders to nonexistent owner of a heavy equipment.

Fr. Ramil revealed that during that said incident, Mar Roxas was barking orders for the sake of media exposure because a TV crew was pointing the camera at him. The priest also noted that Mar Roxas got easily rattled and thus not so dependable in times of great tragedies when his help was needed most.

Here's the Complete Post of Fr. Ramil to Costibolo to Mar Roxas:

“I saw you on my way to bless the dead bodies and try to comfort their family and relatives. I was wearing wet underwear over a hastily put on jeans since I didnt have d time to waste and people needed my presence. I saw you on top of the “traffic island” infront of GSIS smartly dressed in a well ironed shirt, properly tucked in, nicely combed hair and shiny shoes. You were barking orders to a nonexistent owner of a heavy equipment being used for d construction of petron. “Gamitin na yang heavy equipment kasi nabahaan tayo. Ako na ang bahala sa Petron.” I’m not sure if you were in a panic so as not to notice that there were no people near the equipment and it was also fully submerged just hours before so as to entertain the possibility that it wont start much less work? Or were you just giving orders for the sake of media exposure bec a tv crew was pointing the camera at you? If it was the first, it was forgivable though it showed that you get easily rattled and thus not so dependable in times of great tragedies when ur people will need you most. But if it is the latter, then you are just a political opportunist who will callously squeeze every opportunity to get pogi points even at the expense of the life of the people you promise to serve and save!”

“In both instance, i don’t see any reason justifying your claim that you were here risking your life to perform your duty. You didn’t do anything except act as a busy body. I friend of mine saw you passing by his boutique while it was being looted. You had many police escorts who could have been more useful if they provided security for the people and properties rather than tag along with you in your pointless ride around the city. What did you do when you saw this boutique owner whose store was being ransacked? You did not stop and helped … you just gave him a thumb up sign!!! Whats the use of that sign? It was not election time yet … people were dying from hunger, cold and fear … you were busy saving us with your thumb up sign!!!”

“What’s so hard in acknowledging one’s incapacity, mistake, imperections and failures? It’s already given that no one could do everything right all the time for no one is perfect. Failure to accept one’s mistakes smacks of either stupidity or pride… both undesirable characters which unluckily he exhibits all the time.

The best people i know always claim that they could have done more even if in my estimation they had done great things in a very extraordinary manner. But here comes a guy who did not do anything significant, if he did anything unselfishly at all, he continues to trumpet how excellent his performance was! He knows that even after 2 years no one believe him yet he continues to insist that he did his best! If that was his best … it was not good enough! Maybe he continues to shout his achievements not to convince others but HIMSELF that he really did great and that he is relevant. What a fairy tale world he is leaving!!! Is he the protagonist of the Emperor Has No Clothes?”

“The problem with the people in the government is that they are really convinced they can never do wrong! If ever something bad happens it’s everybody’s fault and never theirs! If they can’t find someone to blame they will downplay it as negligible, minimal or isolated! They probably have the illusion that they are the promised savior who can lead the Philippines out of its misery and poverty! A great delusion… a messianic complex that blinds them to the reality that the savior has become the oppresor, the road to salvation they promised (daang matuwid) has become the road to perdition (daang matuwad). Instead of being the ANSWER … they have become the PROBLEM.

Source: Facebook
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