Jay Sonza Reveals Opposition to Nurture Raffy Tulfo for the 2028 Election

Veteran broadcast journalist and prominent radio personality, Jay Sonza revealed on his latest social media post that fellow journalist turned lawmaker, Senator Raffy Tulfo was allegedly nurtured by the opposition to let him run for President in the upcoming 2028 elections. 

According to Jay Sonza Senator Raffy Tulfo has a huge plan for the year 2028. He believed that Raffy Tulfo has his own plan to lead the country. 

The issue exposed by Jay Sonza came out after the brother of Sen. Tulfo, fellow journalist Mon Tulfo allegedly keeps on criticizing the Vice President and DepEd Secretary Sara Duterte. 

With this regards there is a huge possibility that the oppositions and supporters of Tulfo is grooming the journalist to aim for a higher position in the next national elections. 

On his official Facebook post, Jay Sonza was quoted as saying "ROAD TO 2028. "Oplan: Todo Ambisyon,"

Jay Sonza added further that "Pabanguhin ng husto si Raffy Tulfo. Siraan si Inday Sara Duterte ng dahan-dahan."

Due to the expose released by Jay Sonza on social media, netizens were quick to give their comments and sentiments regarding the issues involving Raffy Tulfo's possible plans to run for a higher office. 

There is no statement yet from the camp of Senator Raffy Tulfo and Mon Tulfo regarding the issue. Some netizens also accused that the Tulfo family are planning to run politically against the Duterte and Marcos family.

Here's Some of the Post from Netizens:

Beth Yamsuan: "No comparison talaga…Sara has proven her worth as a local executive even before she became vp and DepEd secretary…Tulfo on the other hand has only his tv show which borders on being a “maritess” to show for it. No way I would consider him. This early it’s Sara for me with Sandro perhaps as VP."

Rolando Gotardo: subok na po ang mga Du30 sa pamamalakad at pamamahala mapa lokal man o mapa national position man sir ajy kung kayat hindi qpo ipagkakatiwala ang boto q kahit kanino man nasa DU30 at Marcos pa rin ang loyalty q sa hirap man at ginhawa sir jay.

Donna Lauron: Never again to Raffy, fooled us all. Why did he even deleted his video about supporting ABS-CBN? He is just another loren legarda, believe me.

Clergy Faraon: Iba ang bloodline ng mga DU30.. tignan m c tatay digong mula sa pag ka mayor tumalon panalo agad sa pag ka presidente.. c inday mula mayor tumalon pantalo sa pag ka Vice President... at sya ang papalit kay BBM next election. tapos si sandro marcos magiging Vice President nya at pagkatapos ni inday c marcos na naman ulit presidente at vice nya uli ang DU30 kaya siguro baka more than 30 years pa mag aantay ang mga yellow.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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