Blogger Appeals to DSWD Secretary Critic To Give Erwin Tulfo a Break

Veteran blogger and prominent Manila Bulletin writer, Krizette Laureta Chu came to the rescue of DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo who is constantly attacked on social media following the chaotic cash aid distribution. 

DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo has been heavily criticized on social media by netizens, some of them even asked for his resignation from the DSWD due to the alleged failure of the Department head in terms of cash aid distribution to indigent students. 

According to Krizette Chu, netizens should give Erwin Tulfo a break and came into the defense of the DSWD Secretary. Ms. Chu said that DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo is still learning the ropes and should not be judged on one mistake. 

The veteran blogger noted that what is important to her is a DSWD Secretary who has the heart to serve. Chu also admitted that logistics is the hardest and trick part of cash aid distribution but it can be perfected with time but teaching someone the heart for the poort, won't happen. 

Read the Complete Statement by Krizette Chu:

Give Erwin Tulfo a break.

Importante sa isang DSWD chief may puso. It doesn’t matter if they’re still trying to learn the ropes.

Logistics is the hardest most tricky part of aid distribution, but you would rather have someone whose heart is in the right place and fumbling in operations than someone like Dinky Soliman, who had no empathy for the poor she served.

Like the NTF ELCAC, super important sa akin ang sino nakaupo sa DSWD. Because of my experiences growing up in the province, and particularly in Leyte, which is hit many times by typhoons.

Erwin Tulfo even in the early weeks of June nag iikot na sya sa Leyte checking the DSWD offices there to see their preparedness. Di pa tapos ang PRRD Admin he was already working. We cannot judge him according to one mistake.

Ang logistics and operations kasi you can perfect it over time, but a heart to serve the poor and the disadvantaged—that, you cannot cultivate.

Source: Krizette Chu FB Page

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