Jay Sonza Asks Pres. BBM to "Zip Clarita Carlos Mouth Once in a While"

Veteran journalist and prominent supporter of Pres. Bongbong Marcos, TV host Jay Sonza sent an urgent message to the President as he asks PBBM to "zip Clarita Carlos mouth once in a while."

There are some concerns among the supporters of both Duterte and Marcos the decision of the country's chief executive to assigned Prof. Clarita Carlos as the National Security Adviser of the President during his tenure for the upcoming years. 

Jay Sonza seems to disagree with the decision of the President to give her the post of becoming the NSA head. 

In the latest Facebook post of Jay Sonza he shared his urgent message to the President as he asked PBBM to zip Carlos mouth particularly on the issues involving the local insurgency and the New People's Army. 

Jay Sonza was quoted as saying "It would do well for Mr. Marcos to zip Clarita Carlos' mouth once in a while, especially on matters related to NPA."

"Mr. President, kaming mga taga-nayon at parang malapit ng maniwala na maling-mali ang pagkapili at pagkahirang mo kay Ms. Carlos bilang punong tagapayo sa larangan ng pambansang seguridad." Jay Sonza added.

Aside from Jay Sonza some netizens who were supporters of the President also echoed the sentiments made by the veteran journalist as they shared their ideas on the decision of the President to appoint Carlos as NSA head. 

The controversy involving Carlos came out when she made a contradicting statement about the NPA. 

According to NSA Chief Clarita Carlos, it is the student's right to choose on what path they may take. "As young aduls, they choose which path to take, and take responsibility of their choices," Carlos stated.

Despite his statements of seemingly favoring decents among the youths inside universities, she also clarified that as NSA head she will surely not demolished the successful program of NTF-ELCAC.

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Keisza Elizabeth: The Prof MUST (learn how to) decline interviews. She's talking too much and too loose (considering her position)

Lina Ocampo: Agree there are times when opinions and views on things matter but there are also times when opinions should be discussed privately and limit what comes out of the mouth especially when present situation ask for it. Gone are the times when one can express freely what's on the mind. This time one has to learn how much of what's in the mind one has to share.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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