Former Balut Vendor Becomes Engineer as a Working Student

A former Balut vendor is now making the rounds on social media after his story of greatness and triumph went viral on social media for his amazing performance despite his hard works and difficulties in life. 

There is indeed no limit to whatever we can achieve in the near future if we just work hard and focus on our goal. 

This kind of attitude towards work and stuy is best exemplified by a former balut vendor who's now an engineer after working hard to send himself to school. 

In our country it is not surprising to see our fellow Filipinos both young and old wanted to escape from the life they've been living for the past years, particularly those people who were below the poverty line. 

Most of the people living in the streets earning a living ends up growing old with these blue-collar jobs or as ordinary workers who aren't even paid the mininum wage but our feature story tackles the success of a balut vendor who finished his studies and becomes an engineer doing the extra mile of work. 

The true-to-life story of a balut vendor who succeeded on his journey into becoming an engineer is worth emulating among our younger generations. 

The story of Benny Tomas of Lallo, Cagayan is an ordinary story of a balut vendor who tried hard to send himself to school with his hard-earned money, even graduating from college at an advance age. 

Benny Tomas used to be a balut vendor but was able to improve his life by becoming an engineer. According to the former balut vendor his parents earned a living through farming, but things took a turn for worse when his mother got sick. 

The former balut vendor is the fifth of nine siblings but he's the only one who was able to graduate from college and he managed to achieve that feat by selling balut most of the time. 

"Yung time management ko sa pagbebenta ng balut ay kapag sa tanghali po ay may break kami sa school ay pumupunta ako at bumibili ng balut na hindi pa luto tapos ilalagay ko sa boarding house ko."

"After ng klase, lilinisan ko 'yung balut at iluluto tapos magtitinda na ako ng alas-6 hanggang alas-8 (ng gabi)."

The engineering student and at the same time balut vendor juggle time for his homework and other school requirements with selling balut, but he found time to complete his requirements after he's done selling or in between classes. 

The hard work of the balut vendor turned engineer, Benny Tomas paid off as he graduated from college and passed the 2021 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination. 

In an interview with a local media and also posted on his social media account he recounts "Worth it po 'yung hirap at tiyaga na ginawa ko po. Buti na lang hindi ako sumuko," he said. 

Engineer Benny Tomas added further that "Masaya at fulfilling po kasi nakapagtapos na ako ng kolehiyo at licensed engineer na po ako. Thankful ako sa Diyos sa ginawa niya sa akin."

Source: The Daily Sentry

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