Ed Lingao Fack-Checked by Netizen on Darryl Yap's Movie (Videos)

Veteran news presenter and journalist Ed Lingao of News5 got his own dose of medicine after he was fact-checked by a concerned netizen for his controversial fact-checking activities against the highly anticipated Darryl Yap movie. 

It is indeed embarrassing for a veteran journalist who claimed to be fact-checkers being fact-checked by a concerned netizen on social media to find out the real truth of the controversial portion in the history of the Philippines EDSA Revolution in 1986. 

Ed Lingao of News5 fact-checked the controversial movie directed by Darryl Yap titled "Maid in Malacañang" because one of the scenes in the movie showed rallyists carrying torches as they stormed the Palace during the 1986 People Power Revolution. 

According to Lingao's reliable source identified as Atty. Wilfredo Garrido, the torch-bearing rallyists who stormed Malacañang is just a work of fiction by Yap's movie or "kathang-isip" to make the movie more dramatic. 

The lawyer according to Lingao claimed that he was one of the protesters in the February 1986 uprising and he did not see any torch-bearing rallyists. As a matter of fact he showed some photographs taken during those days to back up his assertion that Yap's torch-bearing rallyis is but a work of fiction. 

Ed Lingao and his source's statement is now under fire after a prominent vlogger identified himself as TLWJK asked if indeed torch-bearing rallyists who stormed the Palace in the 1986 event is just "kathang-isip," which was found to have some facts. 

Watch How Ed Lingao Being Fact-Checked:

According to TLWJK, the torch-bearing rallyists is indeed the real truth as he also showed a short clip taken during the 1986 Revolt showing that indeed Darryl Yap's torch-bearing scene isn't a work of fiction as per statement of Ed Lingao's reliable source. 

A video was also presented and it was shown on national TV by no less than the official TV News outlets of the Philippine government, PTV4. 

In light of the evidence debunking Ed Lingao's fact-checking activities which was broadcasted just recently, the netizen asked the veteran news anchor if what he's doing is really fact-checking? Does he really scour all the information available to say if what are seen online are indeed true or not?

Netizens joined the conversation as they reacted on the viral video presented by vlogger TLWJK as he debunked Ed Lingao's claimed against the movie directed by Darryl Yap. 

Watch the Video of PTV4:

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Mi She: Hindi nga sulo yan, flashilight po yan FLASHLIGHT pag sinabi nilang hindi yan sulo hayaan nyo sila maniwala sa katangahan nila, basta hindi yan sulo, pag si Leni pa tinanong mo dyan sasabihin nyan splice yung bidyow

Kayan Donato: Ai naku, kitang -kita kya yan news noon yan nangyari na yan sa edsa, tpos sasabihin nla alang sulo. Nsa province ng kmi kita namin sa news. Bka nman bulag ung iba kya di nla nakita

Grace Serafines: Totoo yan at documented yan. Pati ang pg pasok s malacañang ng pgka alis ni marcos. Ni loot at sinira ang mga gamit s loob pti portrait ni marcos. Meron clang video nyn n pinapalabas twing edsa anniv..fact check: totoo yan

Ferdinand Binag: Pahiya si Ed Langaw, kaya di kapanipaniwala ang fact check nila kasi bias ang channel 5 kasama si Failon bugok

Shirley Pinuela: May sulo po noon. Siguro doon sa kung Saan sila nakapwesto wala. Pero doon sa may bakod na pinasok ng rallyesta Meron..

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