19-Year-Old Delivery Girl Bringing Her Children to Work Went Viral

A 19-year-old Russian delivery girl made some headlines on social media after her story of bringing down her children during her hectic work schedules caught the attentions of netizens. 

Being a mother is considered as one of the toughest jobs in the world but being a single mother taking care of your children is even tougher, and that is what happened to this viral 19-year-old girl from Russia. 

The viral Russian girl is now becoming famous in social media and she was identified as Lada Koroleva. At a young 19 years of age she already had two children. 

Koroleva worked in one of Russia's most popular courier service company. The two children of Lada Koroleva were always beside her even during the time when she performs her tasked as a delivery girl. 

Due to the situation of the viral Russian girl, netizens from all around the world sympathizes with her as they discovered the true story of the newest viral sensation in town. 

Lada Koroleva lives in a faraway district in the outskirts of a Russian city together with her family. Despite the fact that she is already married, her husband became addicted to video games and could not provide for the whole family. 

According to various news sources, the viral Russian girl got pregnant at an early age of 17 and her firstborn was delivered during that same year. A few months after delivering her first born she needs to work hard for her family.

During the early days of her being a mother she was able to juggle her works as a mother and at the same time as a provider for her family. 

On her normal work schedules as a delivery girl, she brought her children on a stroller and went to her destination as a delivery girl. 

Until the time came when her second born baby arrived and she was still working with the company whom she worked for the past years, being a food delivery girl. 

According to the young Russian mother, she really fought hard for survival but she suffered physically and financially. She also could not afford to rent someone to look into her children because her income could only afford for their daily needs. 

The viral photos of Lada caught the attentions of netizens and it became the catalyst of change she has been looking for, numerous donors came knocking at her own doors to help her provide for her family and she was thankful for that gestures. 

Due to the financial and emotional help she got along the way, her sufferings lessened but still she is hoping for a brighter future ahead and wanted to find a regular job if there is any opportunity.

What are your thoughts about this viral Russian delivery girl. Meron kayang ganito din ang naging buhay dito sa Pilipinas?

Share us your story and it will be feature her on our site or add your comments about this viral young mother of two.

Source: Good Times Facebook

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