Thinking Pinoy Calls Out ABS-CBN Reporter for Avoiding Accountability on FB Post

Veteran blogger/vlogger Thinking Pinoy called out a former ABS-CBN for her alleged avoidance of accountability on her controversial Facebook post. 

Thinking Pinoy revealed that former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa was so confident earlier about her post identifying some of the country's most prominent bloggers, vloggers, Tiktok users and even websites as peddlers of fake news. 

Several hours after it was posted, Charie Villa, changed the caption of her post from "Here is a list of fake news peddler," into "Beware, ctto xxx" according to TP. 

Former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa posted a list alleged fake news peddlers, who were ordinary bloggers/vloggers but those lists were never proven to be the real truth.

Due to the explosiveness of the revelations made by the former ABS-CBN reporter, it caught the attentions of veteran blogger Thinking Pinoy. 

Thinking Pinoy even dubbed Charie Villa as a modern day Pontius Pilate because she can't stand by what she posted and even accused by TP as someone who posted unverified information. 

Read the Complete Statement of Thinking Pinoy:

Dear former ABS-CBN News reporter Charie Villa,

You were so confident about your post earlier today yet several hours after your post's publication, you CHANGED the caption from "Here is a list of fake news peddlers. Beware.", to "Beware, ctto xxx".

Playing Pontius Pilate? You can't stand by what you yourself posted? Are you telling me that someone like you posted unverified information? If you really know that what you posted isn't a falsehood, why wash your hands and attribute it to someone else?

Kinabahan? You don't like accountability? 

OMG! Are you a journalist who avoids accountability for your posts?

Netizens also joined the conversation as they shared their sentiments on the recent controversy involving a former ABS-CBN reporter.

Read Some of the Comments on FB:

Marco Paolo: Nag post ng Fake news peddlers list pero nag CTTO a few hours later lol

Debbie Dizon: No accountability— same same. When the pink dust settles and when the pink koolaid wears off, so many people will be forced to eat humble pie. Better that they wake up now or be trapped in a world they need to keep defending as true. Yun Lang— Wala talaga sila accountability between now and whenever.

Asteria Bengston: That CTTO tag does not free her from accountability. Technically, she must cite the exact origin of the list with explicit permission to re-publish.

Jong Cad: TP encourage those in the list to file a defamation lawsuit. Hindi pwedeng ganyan ang mga journalists for 6 years. It is about time for press people to be responsible for what they share. Teach them a lesson or they will do this again and again. Also CTTO is not a responsible move, she should have link the original source or else avoid entertaining it if she doesn't know the source. That's how a credible journalist works.

Mario Hilario: A lesson to learn for news reporter...think twice or more before exposing anything...or it must be supp1orted with evidence...a true & credible reporter...not only for talent fee gained...hahaha

Source: Thinking Pinoy FB Page

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