Incoming Finance Secretary Ben Diokno Burns Karen Davila On Her Own Show

Karen Davila, one of the critics to the Duterte and Marcos Presidency made some headlines on social media after she was burned down by incoming Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno for her intriguing interview with Ben Diokno.

According to some netizens watching the show, Karen Davila was burned down by Secretary Diokno on her own show. 

Karen Davila's line of questioning was indeed provoking as she allegedly wanted to show the failures of the Duterte administration but her questions was brilliantly answered by Diokno. 

Davila asked "I will make it simple, "Walang pera ang gobyerno! so you will be facing a lot of challenges as the new Finance Secretary of the incoming Marcos administration. So what is the plan?"

The line of questioning made by Karen Davila was met with criticisms by netizens. Karen Davila's premise when she shot her first question to the BSP Governor, she was anticipating that Diokno will make a litany of the failures of Duterte but Diokno's answered were indeed from a genius. 

Secretary Diokno responded by saying that he had the benefit of having served the government for more than 30 years, and have seen all kinds of crisis, and seen the worst of our economy, but under Duterte we are in a better position now. 

Diokno stated also that prior to the Duterte administration, we were heavily indebted, and had a hard time arguing with the IMF. Before, our foreign reserves will last for only 2-months at least, but with Duterte, we have at least 9-months worth of import reserves.l

Watch the Interview with Karen Davila:

Secretary Diokno also noted that currently, we do not have a problem with paying our debts which is mostly domestic than foreign, and we are a net contributor to the IMF. 

The Duterte admin according to Diokno has the best tax structure than the previous admin that can help the Marcos leadership. 

The Finance chief also added that the Duterte administration is the golden years of infrastructure for our country due to the Build, Build, Build program where the government spent from 5 to 6% of the GDP, and gave us better airports, and better seaports that boost our international trading.   

Under the Duterte administration, the Philippines created jobs, high quality jobs, and expands the capacity to gain economic growth.  This is unlike the previous administrations where the Philippines was branded as the poorest in infrastructure in Asia  because they only spent less than 2% for infrastructure. 

Right now we have the Public Service Act that is a 90-year program,  allowing  100% foreign investments for big ticket projects like telcos, airports, subways and other similar projects. 

Diokno also stated that We have a standing 80 plus programs from the current administration that will be continued by the Marcos leadership and We have a goal of achieving a 70% digitalization of all transactions, and the like.  

Finally, Ben Diokno said, that we have plans for the economic future of the country, and we will be ready.  And then suddenly, Karen Davila lost her glow, and showed her true face. 

Source: YouTube

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