Netizens Reacts to Aika Robredo's Claims Challenge Her to Provide Proof on Video

Netizens took to social media as they challenge the daughter of Vice President Leni Robredo who claimed earlier that she had in position a malicious video fabricated by the Marcos camp to destroy the presidential bid of VP Leni. 

Based on the latest news article posted by one of the leading news outlet in the country, Manila Bulletin, Aika Robredo shrugged off the alleged malicious video fabricated by Marcos camp. 

The younger Roberdo urged the Kakampinks or the supporters of VP Leni and Kiko Pangilinan to simply move on and join her house to house campaign and focus on the job of convincing BBM voters to shift allegiance to their camp. 

The statement released by Robredo isn't amenable to some netizens who were avid supporters of the Marcos-Duterte camp. A certain Facebook user, Carlo de Leon stated that he isn't amenable to the idea. 

The kakampinks should not walked away after accusing the camp of Sen. Bongbong Marcos for allegedly masterminding the malicious video when the clamor to produce the evidence snowballed, they suddenly have cold feet and warns the public to move on. 

Carlo de Leon, in an emphatic tone, dared the daughter of the Vice President and the entire Kakampinks allegedly spreading fake news to finish what they started by producing the video before we all move on. 

Read the Complete Statement of Carlo de Leon:

Hold on. Not so fast.

Let me get this right. First, you bring up the issue of the alleged sex video; you accuse your opponent of fabricating lies and fake news. Then when the clamor to produce the evidence (*** video) started, you suddenly say, “tara na! Focus tayo”.

You started this, finish it. Where is the video? 

Then you can move on.

Carlo de Leon also added the following comments on his FB post: 

Your botched plan boomeranged on you Leni. Bad PR timing. You should have made it simmer until one of the rabid BBM supporters exposes the video. 

But your memes and memes of your supporters (including some Church leaders) were released too early. You see everything in PR is about timing.

Meanwhile netizens also reacted on the latest controversies involving the Marcos and the Robredo camp. 

Here's some of the comments posted on social media:

Maritess Acorda: Cinungaling tapos sabihin nio c bnm ang sinungaling lalo kayo macicira sa ginagawa nio mga undecided malaman nila how desperate you are for poltical gain..

Bhoy Cruz: Sabi ko n nga ba kapag di pinansin yun circus nila either sabihin nila fake news at ngayon nga dedma lang wag paapekto ang drama. Ang dali basahin ng mga dilawan n yan.

Leidi Belcina: They want woman empowerment but when a serious and sensitive issue is thrown at them they just shrug it off. Good message to real victims of similar situations. 

Fernando Sendin: Wala na suicidal move na pinklawans the more u invent issue the more down play ur survey

Source: Carlo de Leon FB Page

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