Gibo Teodoro Burns OneNews Anchor's Attempt to Connect BBM with Ill-Gotten Wealth

Senatorial aspirant and BBM defender Gibo Teodoro made some headlines on social media after his brilliant rebuttal to OneNews anchor Luchi Cruz-Valdez for her alleged attempt to connect BBM with ill-gotten wealth allegations. The rebuttal of Gibo Teodoro earned him praises and show of supports from netizens. 

Veteran lawyer and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Luminous introduce the screenshot photo of the interviews of Gibo Teodoro wherein she made veteran journalist Luchi Cruz Valdez looked liked kindergartens in attempting to connect Sen. Bongbong Marcos with the allegation of ill-gotten wealth versus the father of BBM, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

During the interview, One News tackled the supposed unexplained or alleged ill-gotten Marcos wealth. 

Senatorial aspirant and former Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro replied by saying "What is the extent of his (BBM) participation in these mechanisms? They haven't been able to prove it."

One News anchor Luchi Cruz-Valdes replied by saying "Yes.... but ahh..."

Gibo Teodoro interrupted Valdes by saying "Ang now, these issues are being raised when there's an election? So let the people be judge."

Luchi claimed "But the fear is all of these investigations and prosecutorial processes will come to a half if he (BBM) becomes president."

Gibo responded to Valdes by making a rebuttal "But there were 30 years of that."

Watch the Video Interview in a Viral Tiktok Video:

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Read Some of the Comments on Social Media:

Danao Renante: Panu nman uusad na puro lang nman haka haka. Nangamatay nlang ang nag aakusa ayun khit ama nlang pinatay di naipakulong. Kc mga ingitero sa mga marcos kya karma inabot

Loida Pantarotto: a brilliant lawyer the philippines needs a senator like him.

Reynaldo De Ocampo: Hahaha certified Dilawan din Yan c lutchi Cruz Valdez. Kasamahan din Yan ni mareng Winnie....mga alipores ni Cory Aquino.

Jaz Beriña: this is why their(Liberal) narrative fails. they had 30 years in power, yet they still stick about the same old story. smh

Albert Gayangos: It's been how many decades already and still yan parin ang sigaw nila. Kahit na wala silang napatunayan at ebidensiya at lalo na yung isang damakmak na kaso na sinampa nila sa mga marcos na natalo lahat.

Aia Larix: Kulang sa research o ayaw hanapin ang totoo ng mainstream media

Allan Cajucom: Panis argument nila.

Ibig nilang sabihin inutil mga Aquino wala silang na prove. Or wala lang talaga proof.

Source: Luminous FB Page

Gibo Teodoro Burns OneNews Anchor's Attempt to Connect BBM with Ill-Gotten Wealth Gibo Teodoro Burns OneNews Anchor's Attempt to Connect BBM with Ill-Gotten Wealth Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 24, 2022 Rating: 5
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