MJ Reyes Expose Taliba Text Blasts Attacking Duterte & Praising Isko

Social media personality and veteran blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes exposed another controversial and interesting strategy of the critics of the Duterte administration particularly the annoying Taliba text blasts attacking Pres. Duterte and praising Mayor Isko Moreno. 

MJ Reyes exposed how dirty the opposition and the critics of the President is as they allegedly used telcos for their black and yellow propaganda. 

According to the blogger the text blasts was indeed weird because many of his friends got the same sms while she got none but when she tried to check the link, it says that the owner of the website has banned her IP address. 

The strategy of the black propaganda is like this, first they will send a message praising Mayor Isko Moreno by promoting his activities in the city of Manila then a few hours later they will send another text message saying that the Philippines already reached P11.6 Trillion in debt in just five years of the Duterte administration. 

The message is consistent in attacking the Duterte administration as most people received the SMS were presented with the huge debt of the Philippines. Some netizens even questioned the text they received as they doubts the possibilities of paying for the text themselves. 

Based on initial research made on the website Taliba, which is also not reachable, but once you type the keyword taliba.com as the search terms, you will be presented with an article about Mayor Isko Moreno. 

The search terms also presented a dissertation about the Taliba newspaper. According to the article written by Artemio Guillermo from Syracuse University, Taliba means Sentinel, a Tagalog daily newspaper which traces its beginnings to pre-World War II days. 

Meanwhile, netizens joined the prey against attacking the annoying text messages from Taliba as some of them suspects that Mayor Isko Moreno's team were also involved in the strategy based on the screenshots exposed by MJ Reyes. 

Read the Complete Statement of MJ Reyes:

ANG DIRTY mag laro ng kabila. They're now using telco for their black & yellow propaganda. Tsk!

What's weird is that many of my friends got the same sms while I got none. When I tried to check the link, it says: The owner of the website (Taliba) has banned my IP address. See screenshot. It means, advance sila mag isip. The operators of these black propaganda knew my mobile number and my IP address and did not want me to get an access.

Mukhang bantay sarado ang IP address ko (at malamang ng iba pang mga tulad ko) ng kabila. Kaya pala.



It appears that Taliba website blocked most of us so as not to trace the source or their IP.

Source: MJ Reyes FB Page

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