Watch: Biker Caught Punching a Delivery Rider Went Viral

A group of biker in Mandaue City, Cebu made some headlines on social media after their altercation with a delivery tricyce rider was caught on camera. The biker was caught on camera punching the delivery rider during the incident. 

The victim of the August 22 biker's road rage incident in Mandaue City worked as a delivery rider for Julies Bakeshop, one of country's leading bakeshop. The incident happened at the intersection of Hernan Cortes Street and A.S. Fortuna Avenue in Mandaue City. 

During an interview with the media, the biker whose name was identified as Marvin LobitaƱa, 30, baker/delivery man, said that he would file a complaint against them regardless of what might happen.

Based upon the statement of Marvin in an interview with with CDN Digital, the delivery man claimed that he was punched twice. In the viral video the punching of the delivery rider was caught just once. 

According to LobitaƱa, they were returning to the Bakery in Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City after delivering bread at an outlet in a mall when the road rage incident involving some bikers happened. 

The delivery driver and his companion were cruising along in their motorcycle-driven delivery vehicle along the A.S. Fortuna Avenue when they came upon a group of bikers. 

The alleged victim claimed that there were five bikers ahead of them. A female biker was leading the group and she was the one whom the driver overtook but nearly sideswiped her, her companion said sorry to the woman saying it was not intentional. 

The delivery driver then stopped a few meters from the woman and she continued on. A few meters away, the lady biker went ahead of them because they stopped for a while, the delivery then overtook her and nearly hit her again. It was about a meter distance, the biker did not say anything so they continued on. 

When they reached the stoplight, the delivery stopped because it was red light. Then the companion of the woman arrived and told them that the delivery sidewept his companion and hit the delivery rider twice. He was referring to the man in in the video wearing a black shirt. It was never caught on camera. 

After a while, another man, the one wearing a white shirt, approached them and then placed his bicycle in front of Lobitana's vehicle. They were then told not to drive away and told that the tricycle in front of them was worth a million. 

The man wearing white shirt hits the delivery driver twice in the head but he was only caught once in the camera based on the latest video which is now garnering millions of views on social media. 

Watch the Viral Road Rage Involving Biker & Deliver Trike:

Source: CDN Digital

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