Panlasang Pinoy Vlogger Cancels Nas Daily Project in Support of Whang-Od

Panlasang Pinoy vlogger Vanjo Merano Decided Not to Proceed with Nas Daily Project in Support of Apo Whang-Od

US-based Filipino vlogger Panlasang Pinoy did not proceed with his supposed project with Nas Daily's Nuseir Yassin as part of showing his support to Filipino artist and cultural icon Whang-Od who made headlines earlier for a controversy involving Nas Daily. 

According to Vanjo Merano or more popularly known as Panlasang Pinoy on his social media account, he was supposed to sign a contract with company owned by Palestinian-Israeli content creator Nuseir also known as Nas Daily. 

The popular food vlogger decided not to proceed with his supposed project or an online course that is supposed to be featured in the popular Nas Academy. 

Vanjo Merano stated on his post that the popular Nas Daily vlogger allegedly abused the good traits of being a Filipino or the vlogger exploited Pinoy hospitality despite the fact that Nas already made money out of his popularity among Pinoys. 

Here's the Complete Statement of Panlasang Pinoy:

"PP Academy was on the works under the Nas Academy platform, but I decided not to pursue in support to Apo and the exploited Pinoy hospitality,"

The statement of Panlasang Pinoy was also accompanied with a controversial hashtag that says #icandoitonmyownanyway. This is the statement of Panlasang Pinoy as he believes that he can do it on his own way without the help of Nas Academy. 

Due to the statement released by Panlasang Pinoy or Vanjo Merano, his official Facebook Page was bombarded with praises and accolades among Filipino netizens who praised him for standing up against the foreign vloggers and defending our fellow Filipino, and cultural icon Whang-Od. 

Right now, Panlasang Pinoy had a huge following on social media with more than 6.9 million followers on social meddia platform Facebook. Panlasang Pinoy is also popular on YouTube with more than 4.7 million subscribers and already generated more than 715 million views since joining the platform in the year 2009.

Here's Some of the Comments in Support of Panlasang Pinoy:

Ayieng Ines: Good decision idol... Baka mamaya eh magalit din sau mga subscribers

Elyka Agan: Good job Chef Vanjo for supporting your fellow Filipino first. 

Claire Uy: Yes Sir Vanjo i followed your youtube recipes long ago from low to grow. You made it on your own, he’ll be the one riding on other influencers mileage. It’s tainted with greed. Good decision standing up for our kababayan 

Sheryl Pile: Chef, God will blessed your craft and your fellow filipinos will continually support you because you re helping a lot of people, a very good influencer, the talent and skills youre sharing with us is simple the best; you dont need Nas.

Ma Janice Domingo: Yes! Wla pa ang NASDaily, u already had a name and famous! I am a big fan of ur vlog and most especially ur recipes! God bless PP!

Beethoven Awit: You are doing good, you don't need anyone. Keep it up. Stay humble. We are waiting for more posts.

Source: Vanjo Merano FB Page

Panlasang Pinoy Vlogger Cancels Nas Daily Project in Support of Whang-Od Panlasang Pinoy Vlogger Cancels Nas Daily Project in Support of Whang-Od Reviewed by PhilNewsXYZ on August 08, 2021 Rating: 5
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