Nas Daily Lost Half a Million Followers After Whang-od Saga

One of the world's most popular social media content creator, Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily loses a huge number of his followers and many suspects it came from the Philippines after the controversial alleged exploitation of Whang-od became the hottest trending topics in the Philippines. 

Nas Daily who claimed to have at least 40% of his employees having Filipino roots achieved a huge milestones last June 27, 2021 as he reached a huge milestons of having 40 million followers across all platforms. 

He also noted on his announcement last June that his company is also growing with 100 strong people but due to recent development and his alleged involvement in the Whang-od issue, he immediately lost a huge chunks of his supporters on Facebook. 

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The controversial issue between Nas Daily and Apo Whang-od started when one of Whang-od's granddaughter named Gracias Palicas exposed that Nas Daily's Whang-od Academy" was not real. 

Whang-od is already popular in the Philippine even before Nas Daily came to his viral status right now. She is also known as Maria Oggay who is described to the "last and oldest mambabatok" not only in the Philippines but in the world as well. 

The century-old traditional artist is also part of the Butbot Tribe which belongs to the Kalinga Ethnic group in Northern Philippines. 

Because of the talent, tradition and reputation of Whang-od she has been sought after by many individuals and even celebrities who wanted to have their own traditional tattoo. Last April 2021, Nas Daily featured Whang-od and after weeks of that feature, Nas Daily announced to his followers that he will feature Whang-od on is Nas Academy. 

Despite the claimed made by Nas Daily and their outlet here in the Philippines, the Nas Daily Tagalog, the granddaughter of Whang-od revealed that the tattoo artist never signed any contract with Nas Daily resulting into controversial and heated exchange of word war between the two camps. 

Due to the recent controversies involving Whang-od and Nas Daily, Filipinos showed their support to their fellow Pinoy by uniting and calling for all Filipinos to unfollow Nas Daily which some suspected that it is the reason why Nas Daily lost more than 20 million of his followers on social media. 

Source: Facebook 

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