MJ Reyes Burns Pacquiao's Free Housing As What A 5th Grader Would Think

One of Pres. Rody Duterte's most prominent supporter on social media, veteran blogger, MJ Quiambao Reyes burned down Sen. Manny Pacquiao's ideas of offering "Free Housing for Squatters" once elected as President of the country. The thoughts of Pacquiao was likened by Reyes to that of a Fifth Grade student. 

According to MJ Reyes she will not question the intention of Sen. Pacquiao as she herself used to think that way when she was in fifth grade and knew less. This is the reaction of Reyes on the recent pronouncement of Pacquiao that he will surely fulfill his promise once elected. 

To simplify the statement of Reyes, she was just saying that Sen. Manny Pacquiao's plan is not the plan you would expect coming from a senator who wants to become the next President of the land but a product of the mind of a 5th-grader who knows nothing about life. 

The veteran blogger and Duterte supporter only hope that Pacquiao will have the wisdom to realize he needs to back to school, figuratively and literally speaking if he wants to be taken seriously as a presidential aspirant. 

The statement of Reyes clearly demonstrates that Pacquiao should study first, and he should not run for highest position in the country today but maybe later on, when he has done his homework. 

MJ Reyes also clarified that the senator's platform of governance if he becomes President is not the magic bullet to end poverty in the Philippines right now. 

Se noted that promoting and supporting mendicancy with all these freebie promises will not solve poverty in the country. 

Despite the harsh words from MJ Reyes against Pacquiao, she ended her post by revealing to the senator what she thinks will alleviate poverty as what he intends to solve once elected as President. 

Reyes suggested that Pacquiao should develop and help accelerate self-sufficiency. Educate. Provide opportunity and change the mindset of the Filipinos. 

Read the Complete Statement of MJ Reyes:

I will not question his intention as I myself used to think that way when I was in 5th grade and knew less.  

I can only hope our boxing champ will devote more time to really study and/or hire the best & the brightest minds as advisers. May he come up with better, more sustainable plans & programs (i.e. livelihood, job creation, education, microfinancing, infra, etc.) befitting a senator and presidential aspirant.

Promoting & supporting mendicancy with all these freebie promises will not solve poverty. 

You want to alleviate poverty? Develop and help accelerate self-sufficiency. Educate. Provide opportunity. Change the mindset.

Netizens also joined the conversation as they jumped into the comment section of the post made by Reyes on Facebook as they chide the senator and share their opinions on the subject matter. 

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Noel Nicolas: This kind of false promises espouses the wrong notion to.people. It promotes the culture of mendicancy, false entitlement, indolence, among others.
You should rally the people to do their part in nation building hinged on meritocracy, equity and the value attached to hard work, thrift, and industry.
These false promises gives false hopes and is based on an unsound and defective narrative.

Librado Pecjo: See young people. This is where proper education comes in. You really have to understand the true state of the nation. The intention is right but what is going on in the ground is very much different. Sustainability plays a crucial role in the development of the country.

Khai Sanchez: giving a house to each poor family isn’t a sustainable solution. They should be taught how to fish and not to be dependent or a parasite. The govt makes the laws and the politicians implement the laws, and the people need to follow the laws as their duty.

ChefBiker: Education! So people can discern who to vote. And not the Trapos and artistas!

Daboy Avelino: If you spend your own money, there will be no problem. If it comes from the Government, it must be budgeted through legislation, however, since the beneficiaries come from a single sector, the squatters, the legislation will not prosper because it is a class legislation. Other sectors like the ordinary workers or employees even the middle income class will not be benefited, hence, violative of the Constitution.

Source: MJ Reyes 

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