Afghan Doctor Begs Pres. Duterte to Allow Afghans Asylum Seekers to PH

A US-Based medical practitioner, Dr. Ali Karim, an Afghan national doctor made an appeal to Philippine President Rody Duterte to allow residents of Afghanistan who fled their country and are seeking asylum to enter the Philippines. 

In an exclusive interview with Bombo Radyo Philippines, Dr. Ali Karim shared his appeal to the Philippine government and the Duterte administration to fulfill their promise to accept Afghan nationals who are now fleeing Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan to enter the country. 

In a news report earlier, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced to the media that the Philippines will be accepting Afghan nationals who are seeking asylum in the country because of their uncertainty of living in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. 

The Afghan-American national, Dr. Ali Karim appealed to the Philippines, particularly Pres. Rody Duterte to take some Afghans to the Philippines because the US and other countries could no longer take the huge number of Afghans leaving their country. 

The US-based doctor knew for himself that there's a lot of Afghans who worked with the Americans and other allies in Afghanistan during the past decades and he is sure that they could not be accommodated by the US and their allies, the Philippine offer is indeed a welcome development to save the Afghans from dangers. 

Based on his estimates the US and its allies needs a lots of personnel because they need to move an estimated 22,000 people out of Afghanistan. 

Dr. Ali Karim confirmed during the interview that what the world saw at the Airport in Kabul were indeed real and it's a sign of desperation among Afghans to leave their country. 

He also begs all the leaders and people around the world to allow his citizens to enter their country and provide them with asylum, because there's no where to go for these people. 

Watch the Video Interview with Dr. Ali Karim:

Source: Bombo Radyo PH

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