MJ Reyes Lectures Pacquiao on Exposing Corruption Under the Duterte Admin

Veteran blogger and prominent social media defender of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, MJ Quiambao Reyes lectured Sen. Manny Pacquiao on his accusations regarding corruption under the Duterte administration. 

According to MJ Reyes, the senator should have done something regarding the corruption under the administration of Pres. Duterte and should have done something to solve the problem as member of the Philippine Senate and also an official of the ruling PDP-Laban Party under the able leadership of the President. 

During the past few days, some heated exchanges between Pres. Duterte and Sen. Manny Pacquiao became the hottest topics on various social media sites. 

Pres. Duterte urged Sen. Manny Pacquaio to submit all evidences in his possession to support his allegation that corruption under the Duterte administration has doubled, even tripled when compared to the Noynoy Aquino administration. 

The boxer turned politician promised the President that he will submit all the evidences with a warning that Pres. Duterte might get dizzy upon seeing all the evidences he gathered. 

Sen. Pacquiao even claimed that government employees who can no longer stomach the corruption in their respective agencies voluntarily submit the documents.

The senator even asked what to do with it as he gathered his poise and said that he will endorse to the appropriate concern who can act on corruption and that is the executive department under the leadership of no less than Pres. Rody Duterte. 

Sen. Pacquiao in an interview was quoted as saying "We will submit all the documents about corruption. Ang dami, baka mahihilo siya 'pag makita niya ang lahat."

"Sila mismo kusang nag-submit sa akin, 'yung mga hindi nakayanan doon sa sariling ahensya nila... Anong gagawin ko? Ibibigay ko na sa dapat mag-aksyon doon sa korapsyon, which is the executive department."

Due to the pronouncement released by Pacquiao on various news outlets, a well-known supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, MJ Reyes took to Facebook to give the senator an earful. 

MJ Reyes expressed his emotions and disappointment as he felt unhappy that Pacquiao sat on the purported evidences of corruption in his possession and failed to submit it to the concerned agencies so they act on it and worse he waited until Pres. Rody Duterte and the publice dared him to prove his allegations, considering that he is a senator and President of the ruling party. 

The prominent blogger was even more annoyed that Sen. Pacquiao used the said "corruption" to further his ambition and hit the very government which is clearly a part of it. MJ Reyes said something to describe the senator as b***, and to atone his sins, Pacquiao should do the Filipino people some favor, provide the lists of corrupt officials with corresponding proofs to prove his allegations. 

Read the Complete Statement of MJ Quiambao Reyes:

Yan dapat matagal mo na ginawa. Hindi mo na sana hinintay pa na hamunin ka ng Pangulo't taumbayan. Ang problema, for many years ay wala ka ginawa considering na isa ka pa namang senador at presidente pa ng ruling political party. Worse, ginamit mo pa ang sinasabi mo'ng "corruption" para isulong ang iyong ambisyon at kantiin ang gobyernong kinabibilangan mo. Kundi ka ba naman b***.

Now, do us all a favor: Ilabas mo yang listahan along with some proofs. Submit the same to the Office of the President, Ombudsman, PACC, COA. (Yes, submit to several concerned agencies para ma-obliga sila kumilos at walang whitewash).

Don't wait until you get elected as President before fighting corruption – as that may never come.

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes FB Page

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