GMA News & FB Fact-Checkers Challenge by Netizens on Alleged Fake News

One of the country's leading news network, GMA News and the country's fact-checkers is now under hot water after some concerned netizens challenged them to correct the mistake of spreading fake news in the country. 

A Twitter netizen using the handle @RodyOrtea caught GMA News for allegedly spreading fake news and put the station on a very awkward and embarrassing situation. 

Rody Ortea called out GMA News and Philippine Fact-Checkers on social media, particularly Rappler and Vera Files, if they are ready to play a game. 

The concerned netizen posted two articles both from GMA News and the original article posted by Daily Mail, one of the world's leading news outlet. It is clearly seen that the photo used by GMA News is the same with the original photo posted by Daily Mail. 

Rudy Ortea issued the dare to the major news network after he caught GMA News sharing a photo from a certain Liz Derr of Simularity, a tech company, who claimed the Chinese are dumping human waste and sewage in the South China Sea. 

It turned out that the photo was from Daily Mail Australia showing the impact of dredging and dumping has on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. 

Netizens reacted with the recent expose on social media regarding the controversial post of GMA News and the silence of the country's Facebook Fact Checkers.

Here's Some of Comments Posted on Social Media:

Odette Javier: Tapos sasabihin nila DDS ang nagkakalat ng fake news. Kung may dapat isalang sa senate investigation mga senador eto dapat mga ganito kupal na media.

Athena Masinsin: Wow imagine sinunod ntin gusto ng mga to nakipag war tayo only to found out n fake photos nman pl yun. D b misleading

Von Calumpiano: Dapat daw kasi hindi doctored yung photo… altered photo my ass!

Mitra Lorraine: Gosh to think i trusted GMA7, KAHIT PAPANO magbigay ng TUNAY na pahayag then NANGHIRAM lang pla ng Photo sa Kapitbahay... Wishing Daily Mail SUE GMA for Fake News...

Lazaro Vee: La na gma, very lousy na media entity na yan. Tamad na mag actual verificatiin sa veracity ng news na ipapalabas nila. Mostky ginagawa nila, kunin ang balita sa mga socmed bloggers.

Aurelio Capulong: Walang kinikilingan, mga dilawan lang. No wonder, yung head ng news nila si Mike Enriquez, dilawan.

Benjamin Jani: Lakas maka gago ng mga buang na mainstream media ng sinaunang panahon. Dapat dyan pinasasara din. On the ground of spreading fake news, especially that they have large followings. They must be very responsible in all their news reports. Facebook that is already a ground for suspension. The articles point is to sow hatred towards the managers of the Philippine government.

Source: Odette Dequito-Javier FB Page

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