Technology News Editor Asks Connections Between 1Sambayan, NAMFREL & COMELEC

A Technology news editor and of the country's leading news outlet Manila Bulletin made an astonishing discovery and exposed the alleged possible connections between the newly-formed political group 1Sambayan, NAMFREL and COMELEC. 

In an article posted today in the online edition of Manila Bulletin, veteran author Eliezer Rabadon made an interesting expose and presentations regarding the possible connections between NAMFREL, COMELEC and 1Sambayan. 

Due to the discovery of the alleged connections, the author asked whether NAMFREL, a supposedly non-partisan organization, supporting 1Sambayan, an Anti-Duterte coalition that aims to unify the opposition in 2022. 

The author also accused COMELEC, the country's election body of indirectly endorsing 1Sambayan by supporting Vote For Us, Facebook Page, a non-government organization closely affiliated with NAMFREL. 

According to the author the questions was raised after he tried to dig deeper into the alleged data breach in the 1Sama Ako app of the 1Sambayan coalition. 

The controversy was started a few days ago, after fellow Technology News editor, Art Samaniego exposed the vulnerability of the 1Sambayan app and it was also posted on the official website of the Manila Bulletin. 

Here's Some of the Questions Raised by the Technology News Editor Against 1Sambayan, NAMFREL & COMELEC:

1. Why is 1Sama Ako using a machine that has a hostname ““?

2. If NAMFREL owns this machine, Why is NAMFREL a supposedly non-partisan entity hosting the 1Sambayan API on its server?

3) Can we trust NAMFREL to be objective in the coming elections when it’s apparent that it supports a partisan group?

4) Why, when we visit, are we redirected to the Vote For Us website?

5. Why are the Facebook pages of Comelec Baguio, Comelec Marinduque, Comelec Aurora Province, and National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) sharing the posts of Vote For Us? Is COMELEC indirectly supporting 1Sambayan by supporting a Facebook page owned by NAMFREL?

Source: Manila Bulletin FB Page

Technology News Editor Asks Connections Between 1Sambayan, NAMFREL & COMELEC Technology News Editor Asks Connections Between 1Sambayan, NAMFREL & COMELEC Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 16, 2021 Rating: 5
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