Apayao Villager Turned Military Officer Shares Life Under NPA Shadows

A native of Luna, Apayao who is now a high-ranking military officer shares life under the shadows of the NPA and their life after the NPA were evicted from their hometown. 

According to Army Colonel Gladiuz Cariaga Calilan, a native of Apayao, who took to Facebook and shared his personal experience to NPA cadres in particular and to the public in general how it was like living in an NPA infested town where the infamous 1st Batallion of the NPA once held camp.

The Apayao native recalled that his fathr almost became an NPA if not for his elder sister who stopped his father by not letting him go when the NPAs was about to take him. 

He also revealed that as residents of Apayao, there were frequent evacuations of his family during the period when the NPA lorded over their village. 

The Apayao native who graduated and now worked as a full-pledged Colonel of the Philippine Army bared that NPA have done nothing for his hometown but brought violence. They also hindered development, peddled lies, sowed fear, cultivated hared and propagated violence on a daily basis. 

Read the Complete Statement of Col. Calilan:

Hope you, NPA Cadres, will read my personal experience

I once lived in a NPA infested town, Luna, Apayao, where the infamous NPA’s 1st National Battalion camped. I was a kid then. My family evacuated countless times during that period. My father almost became one of you if not because of my elder sister who hugged him tightly at his back when the NPAs were about to take him.

What have you done since then? Nothing! You have brought nothing but violence. You hindered development, peddled lies, sow fear, cultivated hatred and propagated violence on a daily basis everywhere. You brought so much pain and trauma to the people.

When the government forces through the help of our political leaders and elders fed up of your lies, you were defeated in my hometown and could no longer go back until now.

Since you were out, people began to reshape and re-establish their lives. Almost all the kids, including me, prioritized education that you wouldn’t want if your still there. No one is putting a blame on the government or anyone for his fate.

The once no mans land became a place for peace loving and contended Lunanians.

So tell me NPA Cadres, have you experienced this? Never. You live in the cities. Living in a world of make believe molded by a godless ideology.

You came to the countryside dazzled with power and motivated with money. You enjoy peddling lies founded on the imperfections of our society and the government, and sowing fear to feel authority over the common people.

I am wishing for your absolute destruction soon like what happened to my hometown where you are forever defeated. Many kids in the countryside like me then, will soon realize their dreams and will live a happy and contended life.

Note: During Apayao founding anniversary, our leaders never forget to recognize the sacrifices of our elders, political leaders and the government forces in order to attain the peace and progress we, the Lunanians are enjoying right now.

Source: Gladiuz Cariaga Calilan FB Page

Apayao Villager Turned Military Officer Shares Life Under NPA Shadows Apayao Villager Turned Military Officer Shares Life Under NPA Shadows Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 03, 2021 Rating: 5
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