VP Leni Robredo Draws Flak from Netizens After "Di Ako Mismo But Our Team" Statement

VP Leni Robredo made some headines anew on social media after she released a statement in defense of the President Duterte's televissed tirade for allegedly making it appeal that the military moved after she directed them to go to Cagayan for rescue operations. 

The Vice President vehemently denied the allegations thrown at her by the President and some of the most prominent supporters of the President on social media. 

In an interview with some mainstream media, the Vice President told the reporters, including News5, to deny making such calls to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) saying it was a misconcepcion she has been giving marching orders to the military. 

In VP Leni's attempt to extricate herself out of the difficult situation, VP Leni denied making calls to the military but confessed her team kept in touch with many people in the ground. 

The statement of the Vice President was also part of her defense after the top officials of the AFP claimed that noboby from the Office of the Vice President instructed them because days before Typhoon Ulysses arrived, Pres. Duterte already ordered them the right things to do during disasters. 

VP Leni called it unfortunate that people are accepting the kind of narrative which the Vice President called fake news. 

The Vice President was quoted as saying "Yung controversial night of Friday, I never called the AFP. Di ako tumawag sa AFP. Yun yung misconception that I've een ordering uniformed men around, 'di ganun. Di ako mismo but our team, they were in touch with many people on the ground. It is unfortunate in the sense that [people] are believing the kind of narrative is being pushed, and that narrative is not true at all." VP Leni stated. 

Due to the latest statement released by the Vice President, it was caught by a well-known Duterte supporter, Mark Lopez who wasted no time in burning down the second highest official in the land. 

Mark Lopez slammed VP Leni on Facebook for throwing her team under the bus, in her attempt to come out clean from Duterte's allegations she was ordering men around. 

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Hindi daw siya ang tumawag kundi ang team nya....

So magkaiba pala yun?

Seriously, how stupid is this?

The denial of the Vice President was caught off-guarded when a certain netizen Danilo M. Salonga shared a tweet of the Vice President claiming that somebody from the AFP received her request all through the night.

Netizens also took time to bombard VP Leni Robredo on social media as they shared their disappointment with the Vice President. 

Read Some of the Statements Against VP Leni:

Marah Lyd: You now see the difference between Duterte's leadership and Robredo's? Duterte leads his men by making them work harmoniously in disaster response. Meanwhile, Robredo makes her people work and she takes all the credit, and when the shit hits the fan, she would make them take the blame. Nung nagpapakitang-gilas pa lang yan sa Twitter, puro sya ang bida, as if sya talaga ang gumagalaw. Nung nagkabulilyaso na, yung mga tauhan na nya ang tinuro nyang may kagagawan ng lahat. Isa't kalahating timang talaga. Even the simplest 14-day-period rule for Covid-19 quarantine, di nila maintindihan. Self-serving leader like Robredo will make the country's future go down the drain.

Pinky Docto Saylongo: So it means her team doesn't have proper coordination? How can she lead a country when she can't even organize and control the small group of team she had.

Neil Tracy Garzon Malnegro: her credibility, word of honor and reputation are going down the sinkhole with every excuse makes... keep digging your own political career grave...

Tangtang Ampatuan Abdullah: Bwi bawi.. Hahahaha, pahiya k kc sinunog k ng AFP? Wg kc mag Ala commander in chief dahil wala k s kapangyatihan, pinatunayan mo lng talaga n tama ang mahal n pangulo n #SINUNGALINGKA mainit init p ang pgkasani mo ngyon denideny mo n? Ganyan b ang tipo ng tao n gusto maging commander on chief? Yn b ang babaeng gustong pamunuan ang pilipinas? Neknek mo leni.

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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