Journalist Nixes Sen. Binay's Opinion on SC's Order to Clean Manila Bay

Veteran journalist and prominent social media personality Jay Sonza nixes Sen. Nancy Binay for her unsolicited opinion regarding the Supreme Court's order to clean Manila Bay. 

Sen. Nancy Binay made some headlines in mainstream media dissing DENR for carving a "white sand" beach in a small portion of Manila. According to the controversial lawmaker, the goal is to clean Manila Bay, not to create beach. 

The senator from Makati City added further that "the budget for beautifying the baywalk of Manila Bay and transforming it into a white sand beach might be better off used in cleaning its waters, which is the main goal of the bay's rehabilitation."

Sen. Binay's criticisms of the DENR project did not sit well with political analyst and retired broadcaster Jay Sonza who took to social media and shared his take in the senator's opinion. 

Jay Sonza called out his followers to extend help to Sen. Binay on her understanding with the DENR project. The TV host said that the father of the senator is a lawyer and her sister is a lawyer also but Nancy did not inherit anything from her father because of her statement. 

The former TV host also remarked that as Filipino Christians, we shoul help Nancy Binay learned so that she will not grow old dumb as he reminded the senator about the Supreme Court's mandamus ordering 13 government agencies to "restore and maintain water to SB level make it fit for swimming, skin diving and other form of contact recreation. 

Read the Complete Lecture of Jay Sonza:


Tulungan natin si Nancy.

Ang taty niya, abogado. Iyong kapatid na babae abogada.

Iyong anak walang namana sa ama.

Hindi na nga nag-aaral, hindi man lang nagtanong sa kapatid at ama. 

Dahil Kristiyano tayo, tulungan nating matuto ng hindi tumandang boba si Nancy. 

Ang atas ng Supreme Court sa 13 government agencies sa ilalim ng Mandamus on Manila Bay/GR 171947-48..."restore and maintain water to SB leveal. make it fit for SWIMMING, skin diving and other form of contact recreation."

siyempre Nancy, hindi naman puwedeng mag-swimming ng kung walang dalampasigan o beach. Naintindihan mo na ba Nancy. 

Sa susunod, check mo sa modules ang sasabihin bago mo ipasa sa titser na nasa roof top ng Batangas.

Your thoughts?

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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