Gen. Parlade Defends Liza Soberano on Alleged Red-Tagging by Critics

The Commander of the Southern Luzon Command (SolCom) Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., who also heads the NTF ELCAC defended popular actress Liza Soberano who was bashed recently by some netizens on her connection with the Gabriela Youth. 

Due to the guesting of Liza Soberano in a Gabriela Youth-sponsored webinar, the Kapamilya actress has been red-tagged on social media by her critics. 

In a viral video courtesy of the Philippine Star, Liza Soberano was seen talking about the importance of taking a stand, especially against violence against women and children. 

The red-tagging of Liza Soberano made some headlines on social media and even meant more trouble for the Kapamilya actress. Some of them even called for the boycott of her TV shows, movies and even product endorsements. 

Despite the criticisms and bashing against Soberano she finally got a defender in the person of Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., Commander of the AFP Southern Luzon Command/NTF ELCAC.

Gen. Parlade took to social media and showed her defense on Soberano's case. The general appealed to netizens to stop red-tagging the Kapamilya actress. 

The AFP top officer defended Liza Soberano, saying that the actress was merely exercising her rights, which is advocating women's rights, and has to be protected. 

The General also asked netizens if Liza Soberano is an NPA and responded with his question by saying that Soberano is not yet an NPA but she needs help by educating her and other celebrity targets of an underground leftist group under Gabriela. 

Read the Complete Statement of Gen. Parlade:

Let us not red-tag Liza Soberano. It's not fair to her. She is merely supporting advocacy for women's rights. She has to be protected in the exercise of her rights. Is she an NPA? No, of course not. Not yet. 

So let's help educate her and the other celebrity targets of Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA), the Underground Mass Organization hiding under Gabriela.

So, Rep. Arlene Brosas and Gabriela, shame on you if you haven't informed your recruits about your hidden violent agenda.

Liza Soberano, there' s still a chance to abdicate that group. If you don't, you will suffer the same fate as Josephine Anne Lapira @ELLA, former Deputy Secretary General of Gabriela Youth of UP, Manila and defender of women's rights, even against sexual predators amongst her comrades in the NPA unit she joined which is clearly stated in her handwritten letter addressed to a certain @EMIL. 

It's a pity she learned about non sense things like nabbing a firearm, NPA machismo and sexual exploitation while already inside the underground. It was too late, she is dead.



The choice is yours Liza. And so with you Catriona. Don't follow the path Ka Ella Colmenares (Locsin) took in the underground and NPA Quezon. I am sure Angel Locsin and Neri Colmenares will not tell you this.



Source: Gen. Antonio Parlade FB Page

Gen. Parlade Defends Liza Soberano on Alleged Red-Tagging by Critics Gen. Parlade Defends Liza Soberano on Alleged Red-Tagging by Critics Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 20, 2020 Rating: 5
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