Veteran Movie Director Makes Strong Case for Manila bay White Sand Project

A veteran movie director and senior citizen makes a strong case regarding the controversial Manila Bay White Sand Project on his latest social media post.

According to the veteran movie director Manny Castaneda, who suppored the Manila Bay Project despite the constant barrage of the mainstream media who were generous enough in highlighting the voices of the so-called environmentalists who are against the said project.

The veteran director said that he had lived long enough to enjoy Metro Manila when it was very liveable city, during the time when it was very beautiful as he witnessed how Manila slowly becoming chaotic, dirty and dangerous and considered it as a dying metropolis.

Manny Castaneda who is an avid supporter of Pres. Duterte confessed on social media that he once had lost hope, of seeing Manila regain its glory days until well-motivated official like Mayor Isko Moreno and Pres. Duterte came into power and rescued Manila.

The senior citizen former director of the local movie industry ended his post with a parting statement that should give us something to reflect on, why there is a need to support the Manila Bay Project rather than criticize it.

He also noted that those who continue to oppose the project will be condemned in history as a selfish and obstructionist bunches who do not want to see Manila clean and beautiful once again.

Read the Complete Post of Manny Castaneda:

As a senior citizen, I had the privilege to enjoy Metro Manila when it was a very liveable city, when it was clean, organized and consequently... beautiful.

I belong to a generation when we could go to Roxas Boulevard and enjoy fresh air and the picturesque sunset without the appalling stench and trash that is prevalent in the area now.

Clearly, Metro Manila is no longer what it used to be. It is not what I used to appreciate during my younger days. It has become chaotic, dirty and dangerous... a dying metropolis.

In my observation, it is a result of total disregard for law and order, lack of discipline, wrong sense of freedom and entitlement; a mindset that came about after 1986.

And just as when the situation appeared to be hopeless, well-motivated officials came to the rescue. I laud Mayor Isko Moreno and also the DENR for their projects aimed to improve the physical and environmental condition of the capital.

Ofcourse, no matter how lofty the undertakings are, there will always be antagonists with a vicious intention to discredit all government endeavours mainly for political purposes and not because the projects are intrinsically flawed.

Flimsy issues were brought forth to make the Manila Bay project look irrelevant and insensitive to the current situation.

They focused on the contention that money should have been spent to buy food rather than on what they consider a frivolous project, a scheme to make government look callous to the plight of the poor.

Objectively, the contested budget will not solve the hunger problem in the Philippines. It won’t even make a minor dent. There are other and more effective ways to solve the country’s poverty problems and pouncing on a project that is intented to improve the city is definitely not one of them.

Some say it’s a case of bad timing. I beg to disagree. Anytime is always a good time to make improvements. It is neither too late nor too early.

What I would consider real bad timing are the constant assaults by the local communists, the Abu Sayyaf and other terrorist groups against the citizenry who are already heavily burdened by the pandemic.

Issue on dolomite sand being dangerous to one’s health is not even worth discussing.

For as long as no corruption is involved, I want government to finish the Manila Bay project and all other projects aimed to bring the city back to its orginal glory at the soonest possible time.

I do not wish to live in filth. I do not want to be in a chaotic environment.  As a senior citizen, I would like to live in a clean and beautiful city... again.

Source: Manny Castaneda FB Page

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