DITO Telecommunity Gears Up for Friendly User Test in Fourth Quarter of 2020

The nation's third major telecommunications player is gearing up for the friendly user test that will happen in the 4th Quarter of the year 2020 and efforts of the company for the offical launch in March of 2021.

Atty. Adel Tamano was quoted as saying "As we have mentioned in the past, we are doing all we can, despite the challenges to ensure that DITO delivers its promise of providing Filipinos with world-class connectivity we truly deserve, and it is just a matter of months now," ended Atty. Tamano.

In the latest progress report of Dito Telecommunity through the official website of Udenna Group, DITO Chief Technology officer Retired Major Gen. Rodolfo Santiago said that the telco is indeed ready and fully adjusted to the challenges of COVID-19 and has ramped up construction and infrastructure activities in the past two and a half months.

According to DITO when they last reported to the public and to the Senate, they have constructed 500 functioning towers. In the past few months the construction continues and as of September 14, DITO has a total of 859 towers out of the 1,200 estimated number of towers needed to achieve mandated targets of 37% population coverage and speed of 27 mbps by January 2021.

The third telco also reported that for its common tower initiatives, they added an additional six contractors on top of LCS Holdings for North Luzon and NCR, ZEAL Power for Southern Luzon, ALT Global for the Visayas and CEEC Tower for Mindanao. Two of the six newly appointed contractors include Aboitiz for Cebu and Davao, and the LEO Group for NCR.

General Santiago also disclosed that the third telco has the needed data centers up and operational with the eight regional and two permanent core network centers in construction. In addition, out of the 10,590 km backbone & feeder cable under construction, 9,178 km cable laying done, with 5,701 km finished.

DITO Telecommunity Corporation, formerly known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. (MISLATEL) is the third major telecommunications provider in the Philippines after it was awarded a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity by the National Telecommunications Commission in 2019.

DITO is a Filipino company and is a consortium that includes Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure, and China Telecommunications Corporation.

Source: Udenna.ph

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