Must Watch: Sarah Balabagan Confirms Arnold Clavio as Father of His Eldest Son

Controversial victim during the early 90's Sarah Balabagan made an explosive expose regarding the real identity of his eldest son as she revealed on a Facebook Live that Arnold Clavio is indeed the father of her son.

Sara Balabagan who just turned 41 years old is a Filipina who was imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates from 1994-1996 for alleged murder.

The poor Filipino OFW was initially sentenced to death, but was later returnedd to the Philippines. Her story was also made into a film in 1997 and she became an instant celebrity in the country.

According to Sarah Balabaganl, it is now the right time to reveal the real identity of the father of her eldest son during a Facebook Live which immediately went viral after the speculations that it was Arnold Clavio fathered Balabagan's son.

Arnold Clavio and Sarah Balabagan became a trending topic on social media because of the controversial expose released by Sarah Balabagan revealing one of Arnold Clavio's best-kept secret in the industry.

The controversy involving Clavio and Balabagan first came out when one of Clavio's friend revealed the real relationships between Balabagan and Clavio. The friend of Clavio first revealed that during the trying times of Balabagan, Arnold Clavio came to the rescue and instead of helping her, she became the lover of Clavio despite the journalist stature of having a family of his own.

In the Facebook post of Balabagan she revealed that she first met Arnold Clavio during the early 1990's when she was still 17 years old and Clavio is already a married man. The reporter is just one of the few individuals who helped Balabagan.

Arnold Clavio during that time showed how he cared for Balabagan and provided some of the things that the OFW first experienced in Manila without knowing that in the long run, Balabagan would fell in love with Clavio despite being a married man.

In the expose of Balabagan she confirmed that it was Arnold Clavio who is the father of her eldest son and nobody else. She just wanted to clear the names of some people who really helped her a lot on her problems during those trying times.

Due to the controversy involving Arnold Clavio, netizens took to social media as they lambasted the veteran journalist for her wrongdoings and manipulations of Sarah Balabagan.

Watch the Controversial Expose of Sarah Balabagan Against Clavio:

Source: Sarah Balabagan FB Page
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