4PS Beneficiary Lectures Scholar Jejomar Contawe for Criticizing the Duterte Admin

The controversial and proud iskolar ng Bayan, Jejomar Contawe who graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree went viral on social media but in the wrong way as he was criticized by a huge number of netizens after his statement against the government who paid for his scholarship.

Concerned netizen and a self-confessed Pantawid Beneficiary Tio Moreno lectured Contawe who claimed that all scholars should not be grateful to the government but to the Filipino taxpayers.

Supporters of the Duterte administration flooded the walls of various mainstream media outlets who featured Jejomar Contawe as they criticized the statement of the newly-graduated iskolar ng Bayan.

The critics of the government on the other hand praised Contawe for his statement against the government and called the other iskolar ng bayan to follow suit the kind of statement posted by the Communications Arts graduate.

Read the Complete Lecture of Tio Moreno:

Dear Jejomar,

My family is actually one of the 3,993,180 household beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or also known as 4Ps.

My family cannot afford to send me to college due to financial reasons. This has caused me anxiety since I don’t wanna be left behind by my batchmates.
Despite of the fact that my parents are not paying taxes, I am still very thankful because the government has given me a SCHOLARSHIP program— the reason why I was able to earn my degree and grab my license.

I am actually just one of those students who lost hope in creating a fertile ground in the future, but our GOVERNMENT has helped me out to slowly accomplish those in time.

While it is true that TAXES came from the BAYAN. It is also truer (if there’s such term) that without the GOVERNMENT that regulates that, the line of distribution will not be equitably provided.

Philippines cannot survive without TAXES. If you are to argue that there are countries who don’t have income taxes like Bahamas, UAE, Caymand Islands, etc. I suggest do your research. There are other forms of taxes apart from the income tax. In our country, 4.6M Filipinos are exempted from taxation, but they are getting the same or equitable access with those who are paying tax and being taxed.

It’s also disingenuous to compare how countries operate. Approach in giving service & outcomes can never be comparable because we vary from domestic laws, financial resources, type and form of government.

In the Philippines, without the government who collects taxes, we won’t be able to enjoy the infrastructures, school buildings, establishments, bridges, programs, projects, and many others.

I will not talk about TAXATION because it’s a lengthy topic, but if you are defending the 1987 Constitution, then it’s a cognitive dissonance since you are hating the government. Remember that the current government is just a product of the 1987 Constitution. It’s imperative that what this current admin does is absolutely in consonance to the laws stipulated under the flawed Constitution otherwise all of them are behind bars now.

I should be thankful to Filipino people for paying their taxes and I should be more thankful to the government for giving us the beam of light thru SCHOLARSHIP programs. Without them who managed to create laws for a certain program to be implemented, our taxes will be of no use.

It’s only the DUTERTE ADMINISTRATION that allows millions of students to continue their voyage by the UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO TERTIARY EDUCATION law which was not done by the previous admins in a span of 30 years.

You did not see that because you are blinded by your propaganda and lies. Activists create change. You guys create division. If that is not a fake activism, I don’t know what that is.

The government is composed of the taxpayers, taxpayers elected by fellow taxpayers and employees paid by taxpayers to serve the taxpayers. If you dont respect the government, then technically u dont respect taxpayers.

I am not one of those “ISKOLAR NG BAYAN” — not even a graduate from UP. I am a “GOVERNMENT SCHOLAR” who was able to graduate valedictorian both elementary/high school and Cum Laude in College.

To be honest, there are other performing schools and universities out there that produced well-rounded and well-equipped graduates and I hope they will continue to yield people with substance.

Nothing against UP as an academic entity because I know that they’re doing their job to mold the hearts and minds of their learners, but I am against those so called UP scholars who think they are better than anyone else. Again, you don’t rule the Philippines and you are not the only scholars that matter.

Source: Tio Moreno FB Page

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