Must Watch: What Really Happened in the Controversial Dasmariñas Village Incident

A concerned netizen shared an interesting video and the official statement of the Philippine National Police (PNP) regarding the whole incident involving a foreigner's confrontation with authorities inside Dasmariñas Village in Makati City.

The viral video was uploaded through Facebook by Rappler Media showing the incident in the said village. This pertains to the recent Rappler News regarding the incident involving Mr. Javier Parra nd PSMS Roland Von M Madrona and Bantay Bayan Esteban Gaan of Brgy Dasmariñas.

The sequence of events transpired was witness by thee Bantay Bayan during the time when he was present in the incident and as recorded in Barangay Blotter of Brgy. Dasmariñas as follows:

a. That at around 5:04 PM of April 26, 2020, said police officer who is also a PSB Dasmariñas proceeded inside Dasmariñas Village as requested by no less than the Chairwoman Rosana Hwang of Brgy Dasmariñas to regularly conduct Oplan Bandillo and implement Enhance Community Quarantine inside Dasmariñas Village.

b. That at around 5:54 PM of same date, said police officer and Bantay Bayan happened to chance upon Ms. Cherilyn Escalate a house maid who at that time doing watering of plants outside the perimeter property without wearing facemask.

At this juncture, police officer politely introduce himself and advised the house maid to wear her face mask for her safety. A minute after as she went inside the house, ( No. 1657 Dasmariñas Avenue) to get her face mask. With no apparent reason someone from inside the house identified as Mr Javier Parra and Mrs Abegail Salvador her wife went outside.

Hence, Mr Parra argue regarding the advised of the police officer and even challenge the authority and how to properly implement ECQ. At that time said Bantay Bayan manage to document the situation using his mobile phone camera,thus Mr Parra at that time gone berserk and uttering unsavory words towards police office and even humiliate said officer.

At this time PSMS Madrona tried to effect arrest but manage to elude arrest and went inside house. ( See attached recorded video of Bantay Bayan as evidence to what actually transpired on the said incident)

4. Further, said incident can be supported with the statement of Bantay Bayan and Chairwoman Rosana Hwang of Brgy Dasmariñas.
Their statement will be forwarded ASAO.

The above statement is from the National Capital Region Police Office Chief Gen. Sinas.

Watch the Video of the Incident:

Source: Facebook

Must Watch: What Really Happened in the Controversial Dasmariñas Village Incident Must Watch: What Really Happened in the Controversial Dasmariñas Village Incident Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 28, 2020 Rating: 5
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