Mayor Lino Cayetano Burns Karen Davila on Issue of Rich Foreigners vs. PNP Imposing ECQ

Taguig City Mayor Lino Cayetano burned down veteran TV host Karen Davila on the controversial issue involving the rich foreigners and the police officers who implemented the enhanced community quarantine who were challenged.

According to Mayor Lino Cayetano "Sa Taguig, iisa lang ang batas para sa mayaman at mahirap, condominium o tenement, Pilipino o dayuhan."

The Taguig City Mayor explained that the rule of the Enhanced Community Quarantine is simple, we are only allowed to leave our homes for essential travels and for emergencies, to buy essentials and for emergencies only.

Mayor Cayetano stated that "So our home, yong bahay po natin, pag lumabas tayo ng ating tahanan, to do something other than to buy essentials or emergencies is a violation of the enhanced community quarantine," the Mayor said.

The Mayor of Taguig City also explained that based on his own investigation, the viral video involving the the police officers shouting some residents of the condo unit who were staying outside and using the pool, only  tells one side of the story.

The Police officer who was caught shouting on camera explained that it was not the first time that he approach the residents and try to urged them to stay inside their units but they refused. It was the third time that he approached the residents but they refused to heed their warning.

Karen Davila's misleading statement during the interview with Mayor Lino Cayetano backfired on her own show because the Mayor stands his grounds and explained the importance of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the city of Taguig where he served as the Local Chief Executive.

Karen Davila insisted during the interview that Mayor Cayetano should talk to the condo owners and resident of the Pacific Tower Plaza instead of calling the police inside a private property but Cayetano explained well the situation.

Watch the Interview Video of Karen with Mayor Cayetano:

Netizens reacted with Karen Davila's Interview with Mayor Lino Cayetano.

Here's Some of the Comments from Concerned Netizens:

Baby Torres: ANC, is this a kind of reporter you have... simpleng simple lang ang rules hindi pa maintindihan. Well done Mayor Cayetano for not allowing Karen Davila to intimidate you.

MG March: I love watching Karen get burned She tried to act and talk smart, but she lacks common  sense.

Sue Anne Zurita-Ramos: si karen, ilang beses nang naso-soplak ng kanyan mga ini-interview, patuloy pa rin sa style niya. you cannot put a good man down.

Jack Bagbaga: She might be now the dumbest tv anchor in the Philippines... nilalaglag nya ang sariling programa. haha.

Jec Daily TV: "mas interesado ung issue sa building ng mayayaman kesa sa testing ng kababayan nating mahihirap sa center ganun ba karen?"

yancylevi: Anong problema kung pulis ang manita? E, trabaho nila yun talaga! At walang mayaman o mahirap sa batas. Pantay pantay po tayo. Porke ba mayaman ay hindi sisitahin ng pulis? Pag mahirap ay pwede? Pantay pantay po tayo, Ms Karen.

Enchosphere: Karen Davila should consider changjng career. Instead of forcing herself to be a "news anchor", she should consider being a reseller of fire extingushers.

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