Mayor Gangganan of Sadanga, Mt. Province Refuses Relief Goods from DSWD

The Mayor of Sadanga, Mountain Province made some headlines on social media after he refuses relief goods from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), despite the fact that his town is considered as a 5th class municipality.

According to Mayor Gabino Gangganan of Sadanga, he refused to accept the relief goods from the DSWD as he stated that his people could sustain themselves without the food aid from the government.

Mayor Gangganan was quoted as saying "Today I was informed by our MSWDO that some relief food packs sent by the DSWD region are now available at the PDRRM office in Bontoc for LGU’s that might be requesting,” Ganggangan said on his Facebook post.

“However, I decided and instructed our MSWDO to relay our message that our municipality will not be availing of these food packs even if the lockdown will be extended,” he added.

The Mayor of Sadanga, received some praises from netizens who saw his post on social media. Mayor Gangganan believes that the community of Sadanga was prepared for economic hardships such as "food shortages" as they have a culture that the richer people of their villages are expected to help the needy relatives or neighbors.

The Mayor also said that even in worst-case scenarios, their community has a plan to survive the crisis.

"Its not that we don’t have poor and needy families but i believe that we as tribal communities still have and should sustain our “built in” and homegrown or indigenous social structure,values,and practice of taking care of our respective relatives or kins, neighbors ,or kailyan in distress during hard times or economic crisis,” he said.

“It is during these kinds of economic hardships such as “food shortages”, hunger and famine that the “richer or better of” ( kadangyans) among a clan or village are expected to aid their needy relatives by lending their surpluses,” he added.

“Should this crisis extend longer to the extent that our needy families really run out of their rice supplies, we shall mandate the kadangyans of every barangay to open up their rice granaries ( agamangs) to sustain us through to the next harvest season. I assure that no family shall go hungry in our municipality even during these hardtimes,” he also said.

Mayor Gangganan even said to the national government that instead of sending their food packs to Sadanga, they should prioritize the people living in the cities who don't have the capacity to sustain themselves.

Source: Gabino P. Gangganan FB Page

Mayor Gangganan of Sadanga, Mt. Province Refuses Relief Goods from DSWD Mayor Gangganan of Sadanga, Mt. Province Refuses Relief Goods from DSWD Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 19, 2020 Rating: 5
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