Duterte Critic JC Punongbayan Deletes Tweet Re: Trump Calls Duterte

Controversial writer and prominent Duterte critic JC Punongbayan deleted his earlier tweet regarding the reported conversation between Pres. Rody Duterte and US President Donald Trump.

JC Punongbayan earlier tweeted "So fake yung phone call between Trump and Duterte? Niloko na naman tayo ni Bong Go?! What do you aim to achieve this. Seriously."

The tweet of the self-proclaimed expert on international relations and Rappler author Punongbayan was deleted later but his tweet went viral on social media via screen captured images posted by various FB Pages.

Concerned netizen Edwin Jamora posted on his social media account the supposed tweet of JC Punongbayan and a certain Twitter user Joe Bagwis asked the Duterte critic why did he deleted the earlier tweet saying the phone call was not true.

The controversial writer replaced his tweet with a verified information from the US Embassy in Manila confirming that the US President Trump and President Duterte had a phone last Sunday night, April 19, 2020.

Pres. Trump expressed his solidarity and offered additional assistance to the Philippines as it continues to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The viral hidden tweet of Punongbayan became the hottest topic on social media particularly among the supporters of the President, some of them commented that, maybe Punongbayan found out that a Duterte critic in Cebu was already arrested for spreading fake news.

Here's Some of the Comments Posted Against Punongbayan:

Edwin Jamora: Me nag-tweet. Gumagawa ng chismis. Nahuli. Eto sya.

Aedrian Abrilla: Unbecoming of a "PhD candidate" from UP Diliman

Don Christian: mga mahihinang nilalang. hahakakak #ripYellow

Edgar Jordan: Isandaang porsiyento na ang kapangyarihan niyan. Talagang mahina.

Gelacio Willie: Jail this idiot!

Aying Millonado: Nakakadiri yang PB na yan pramis puta kasuka. Kontra ng kontra walang namang alternatibong suhestyon pwe!!!

Bulele Duenas: Takot naman palang makulong

Source: Edwin Jamora FB Page

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