Chino Trinidad Confirms Arnold Clavio's Absent from Social Media

Veteran sportswriter and news anchor Chino Trinidad confirmed through social media that one of his closest friend, Arnold Clavio will take a leave of absence from social media after his controversial statement regarding the controversial East Avenue Medical Center blind items.

In an official statement released online, Chino Trinidad announced tht Arnold Clavio will no longer be visible on social media and that's his way of showing how he fight for the truth.

Clavio was quoted as saying "Hindi kredibilidad and nakataya dito ngunit buhay ng mga Pilipino." Clavio stated.

The veteran TV Host and prominent personality, Arnold Clavio received some backslash from netizens and even the governments for his misleading information regarding the East Avenue Medical Center and his controversial report about the COVID-19 cases.

According to the official statement of the Department of Health (DOH) there is no order to conceal COVID-19 deaths which is contrary to the statement released by Arnold Clavio on social media.

“The DOH did NOT and will NEVER issue a directive for hospitals to conceal the number of COVID-19 deaths. Mr. Clavio disclosed to me the hospital allegedly involved in this issue and we will investigate IMMEDIATELY,” Duque said in a statement posted on social media, tagging the said journalist.

The East Avenue Medical Center also confirmed that there is no truth regarding the reported 10 people dying each day, with one ward supposedly containing as many as 20 patients positive for the coronavirus disease.

Read the Statement of Chino Trinidad in Behalf of Clavio:


Nais ko pong ipaalam sa inyo na wala na po si Arnold Clavio.

Opo wala na po siya sa social media.

Yan ang kapalit ng pakikipaglaban para sa katotohanan.

“Hindi kredibilidad ang nakataya dito ngunit buhay ng mga Pilipino.”

Arnold Clavio
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Source: Chino Trinidad FB Page

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