Doctor Calls on Fully-Recovered COVID-19 Cases to Donate Blood for Treating Patients, Protecting Frontliners

A veteran medical practitioner and concerned citizen named Dr. Grevile Estero Galindon II is calling all fully recovered COVID-19 patients to step forward and donate their blood for a noble cause.

In a Facebook post, the veteran doctor theorized that the blood plasma from fully recovered COVID-19 patients can save the lives of patients who are still battling the disease as what China have already done for the past few weeks.

Dr. Galindon said that he is planning to extract the antibodies in the blood plasma and infuse it to the patients. He aso planned to apply this procedure to our frontliners in the hospital to protect them from the deadly corona virus that is wreaking havoc in the different parts of the world.

The doctor called the process as Convalescent Plasma Infusion. He noted that this is not science fiction because China did implement the same technique and did quite well.

In talking about the method, Dr. Galindon share a paragraph from talking about the method.

"China National Biotec Group Co. has been using this plasma, which contains highly potent antibodies, to treat more than 10 seriously ill patients since Feb. 8, the company said in a statement on its official WeChat account Thursday night. It claimed that those receiving the treatment improved within 24 hours, with reduced inflammation and viral lods along with better oxygen levels in the blood."

Read the Complete Statement of Dr. Galindo:


I'm appealing to the 26 Fully Recovered Cases from Covid-19. Kindly get in touch with me thru fb messenger. I need you to donate blood VOLUNTARILY so that I can extract the ANTIBODIES from your blood PLASMA.

If my theory is correct, I think we can find a way to protect our Covid-19 Frontliners Philippines by giving them extracted antibodies and/or treat Covid-19 Patients thru what we call Convalescent Plasma Infusion.

Please SHARE this POST so that it can reach those 26 People who had already recovered from the Illness. Or if you know them personally, let them know about this OPLAN. You can also reach me thru this cellphone number 0916-6007265. Thank you so much!

Note: Rest assured that your IDENTITY and everything about you will remain CONFIDENTIAL.

Source: Dr. Greville Galindon II