Netizen Reveals the Genius of Pres. Duterte on his Fight Against the Oligarchs

Concerned netizen John Lana posted an interesting statement showing the genius of Pres. Rody Duterte and how he was able to utilized the genius of the Solicitor General on his fight against the country's oligarchs.

According to the concerned netizen, every move of Pres. Rody Duterte has a purpose and he is indeed a game player in terms of his leadership style.

The President's genius was clearly seen when he fought against the oligarchs who controls the country's water industry, he fought against media giants ABS-CBN and alleged US-Funded news outlet Rappler due to their non-payment of taxes and the alleged stocks owned by foreigners which is indeed onerous and against the law.

John Lana noted that the President's moves against the oligarchs is not only due to the implementation of the laws of the land but also to identify their allies in Congress and in the Senate.

The President also terminated the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States to determine and identify who among his military generals and lawmakers were with him and not with him. He also wanted to proved to the leftist communities that he is serious in terms of nationalism.

Read the Complete Statement of Concerned Netizen John Lana:


Tinira nya yong mga oligarkiya sa tubig; Tinira nya ang ABS-CBN at RAPPLER dahil hindi nagbabayad ng tax at dayuhan ang mga stock holders which is against the law at onerous ang contract.

Hindi lamang for the purpose of implementing the law but also to identify their allies in Congress and in the Senate at iba pa. Babaha ang lobby money nyan sa mga lawmakers.

Binasura nya yong VFA para malaman kung sino sa mga military generals nya at congressman at senator ang kanyang kakampi at hindi kakampi at para kunin din sa left movement yong isyo at ipakita sa kanila na talagang sya ang may makabansa na panindigan.

Ganun din sa mga ahensya ng govt ang game plan. Hinahayaan muna pra malaman kung ano talaga nangyayari at kung sino ang mga nagsasabwatan.

Hinuhubaran sila lahat ni PRRD

Source: John Lana FB Page


  1. Eh ano ngayun? Will that result to a wonderful good to all the people. If yes, then allout support tayo. But if on other hand, talo ang taong bayan, its just a show of self interest glorification, eh, he shud be crucified

  2. Maybe, the clear purpose of doing so is to create awareness among the public on what is the real score at all level. By 2022, we can expect socially, economically and politically well informed voters who will cast their votes with a clear purpose - a future they want for their children...hindi yong napagaya lang, nadala lng sa popularity ng isang tao...


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