Philippines Ordered 12 Helicopters from Russia for Modernization

The Philippine government under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte confirmed that it has ordered at least 12 helicopters from Russia and soon will be added to the Philippines' military arsenal as part of the country's modernization program of the Armed Forces.

According to Pres. Duterte in an interview with the world-renowned Russian Television Network that was aired on Friday, the Philippines President explained that the plan to purchase military equipment from Russia has been delayed due to budget constraints.

The President was quoted as saying "There's always not enough to go around with... Just because Russia is a friend, it doesn’t follow that we abscond or do not pay our debts," Duterte said.

"But we have placed the orders now — 12 military helicopters, cargo choppers," he said.

During the year 2019, the Armed Forces of the Philippines said it was considering buying 16 chopper units as well as a number of arms from Russia, which is considered as one of the world's largest arms dealer, as part of the Duterte administration's modernization program.

Pres. Duterte wants the arms and chopper deals with Russia be completed before his term ends in 2023. The President's foreign policy has been described as a pivot towards Russia and China and away from the United States, a longstanding ally whose government officials have criticized some of his policies.

For the past few months, in various speech of Pres. Duterte, the President has credited Russia for giving the Philippines arms, while chiding the US for holding off an arms deal amid human rights concerns surrounding his drug war.

The Russian government has donated defense gear to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in a bid to expand its arms market in Southeast Asia.

Based on previous reports, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is poised to buy 16 units of Mi-17 medium-lift Russian helicopters worth $14.7 million each (approximately P779 million) or a total of US$235 million (P12.5 billion) as part of its modernization program as Moscow seeks better trade and defense ties with Manila.

Watch the Demo of the Russian Helicopter:

Source: CNN Philippines

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