Journalist Reveals De Lima's Participation, Reasons Why it Took 10 Years for the Maguindanao Case Decision

Veteran journalist and prominent social media personality Jay Sonza revealed some of the reasons why it took a decade or 10 years for the Justice Department to released the decision of the controversial Maguindanao massacre cases.

The simple answer is because of the fact that the former Secretary of Justice wanted some personalities who were not involved in the case to be included in one of the most controversial case in the country.

According to Jay Sonza, instead of charging only the principal suspects of the case involving the Ampatuan family in Maguindanao, the Secretary of Justice allegedly wanted to include the police and soldiers who did nothing when the crime was committed.

The justice system could have utilized all the time and it will not take 10 years for the case to be finished.

Read the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

Sa mga nagtatanong bakit inabot ng 10 taon ang maguindanao massacre cases?

Ang sagot ay...nagmagaling at ipinagpilitan kasi ng dating secretary of justice na isali iyong mga hindi kasali sa kaso.

Instead of charging only the principal suspects with multiple murder, pilit niyang isinama iyong mga Pulis at Sundalo na nagsawalangkibo Lang ng mangyari ang krimen.

Kaya laking abala sa asunto dahil kailangang dinggin ng korte ang kanilang panig at ebidensiya.

Malinaw sa simulat-sapol na mapapawalang sala sila. at ganoon na nga ang nangyari. Absuwelto iyong 57 pulis at sundalong nagtunganga sa massacre.

We could have save about 5 years in litigation, resources, anxiety and what have you.

They could have been charged and tried with lesser crimes like deriliction of duties or absence without leave or conduct unbecoming.

And for sure, mapaparusahan sila accordingly.
Wrongly accused and spent 10 years in detention.
By the way, iyong nagpumilit na isama sa kaso iyong hindi kasama ay itago na lang natin sa pangalang Secretary Leila de Lima.

She was justice secretary during the BSA3 presidency.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page