Jay Sonza Predicts the Results of Sen. Grace Poe's Probe on MWSS, Maynilad, & Manila Water

Veteran broadcaster and journalist Jay Sonza made his bold predictions on the possible outcome and results of Sen. Grace Poe's probe involving the government represented by MWSS and the two water concessionaire Maynilad and Manila Water.

Sen. Grace Poe who heads the Senate Committee on Public Service that gives her ticket to free publicity but the results of her previous hearing proved worthless according to some netizens.

For the last seven years, the adopted daughter of actor Fernando Poe Jr., have been serving the Filipino people but according to some critics, most Filipinos who voted for her did not get their ROI (Return of Investment) from Sen. Grace Poe.

Retired broadcaster and veteran political analyst Jay Sonza foretold how the senate probe on the water crisis in Metro Manila and just like the other probe the senator called - it is most likely to be suspended and ended up with no report to show to the public.

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Performance Report of the Senate Committee on Public Service under Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares:

1. On the request for emergency powers to address the traffic and transport woes in Metro Manila and other urban centers - 7 years. not finished, palace withdrew request. no report.
2. On the alleged irregularity, mismanagement, graft and corruption and plunder of the MRT3 during BSAquino3 administration - 7 years. all documents submitted, investigation suspended. no report.
3. On proliferation of fake news on mainstream and new media - 7th year. investigation suspended. no report.
4. On jeepney modernization program of the government - 7th year. investigation suspended. no report.
5. On the water crisis in Metro Manila - on going. most likely to be suspended. no report.
6. On Mamasapano massacre of SAF 44. nakapagbabang luksa na at lahat walang pa ring ulat and lupon.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page