VP Leni Robredo's Solution as Dr*g Czar: "Reduce Supply of Illegal Dr*gs"

The Vice President of the Republic, who now sits as co-chairman of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Dr*gs (ICAD) said that she will focus on how we can reduce the drug supply to solve the country's main problems of illegal narcotics.

VP Leni Robredo was quoted as saying during her radio program that "We havve to look at the dr*g supply because if we will only run after the small-time traffickers, the drug problem will not end,” Robredo said in her Sunday radio program “BISErbisyong Leni.”

“I want to focus on how we (can) reduce the (drug) supply,” Robredo, who co-chairs the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD), said.

According to VP Leni, focusing on supply means decreasing the overall demand for illegal dr*gs and taking down big-time dealers in the country.

The Vice President also revealed during her radio show that she would meet with the members of the ICAD's law enforcement cluster this week to discuss the matter.

VP Leni stated "We need  deep intelligence on this. I would know during the meeting the available intelligence, what we have accomplished and have not done yet,” Robredo stated.

The Vice President also declared a self-imposed deadline by year-end to lay down her palns and programs  that could help improve the anti-narcotics campaign.

She is also scheduled to meet with United Nations and US Embassy officials and other resource persons in the coming days apart from the ICAD’s enforcement cluster to consult them on strategies that could be used in the drug war.

The Palace under the administration of Pres. duterte said it has nothing to hide and maintained that the government records on the anti-drug operations are open to public scrutiny.

Robredo met last Friday with Senator Panfilo Lacson who shared his experience and knowledge about law enforcement in fighting the illegal drug trade before her first ICAD meeting.

Source: PNA

VP Leni Robredo's Solution as Dr*g Czar: "Reduce Supply of Illegal Dr*gs" VP Leni Robredo's Solution as Dr*g Czar: "Reduce Supply of Illegal Dr*gs" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 18, 2019 Rating: 5
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