Netizen Helped by Tulfo Shows Support: "The nation will not forget how many people you've helped"

One of the country's most popular journalist and considered as the most successful public servant through his show Raffy Tulfo in Action got some inspiring words and support from a netizen whose family was a recipient of Tulfo's good deeds in the past.

Amid the criticism, received by Raffy Tulfo during the past few days for his alleged mishandling of the case involving a teacher who disciplined his student, the journalist found an ally from of the families he helped earlier.

A concerned netizen identified as Christian Butal expressed his support to Raffy Tulfo and the entire staff of his show, believing that the journalist should not be blamed and ridiculed on social media as he expects that the veteran host will survive the controversy.

According to Butal, he now saw how stressful is the work of a journalist and public servant who's been talking to hundreds of complainants every day, just like the case of Raffy Tulfo.

The concerned netizen stated that he saw it on cam and even off cam, that there were thousands o people waiting outside the studio and it just normal that sometimes we make rush decision's but it doesn't define our personality and whole-being.

Butal is even confident that the people would not forget the good deeds committed by Raffy Tulfo and they will not focus on the mistakes made by the veteran journalist.

The netizen also pointed out the importance of the teachers and the way they discipline their students. He even noted that he also experienced being ordered to be out of the class.

Read the Complete Statement of a Tulfo Supporter:

Kaya mo yan Idol Raffy! I just learned earlier na nabash ka pala. I watched part 1 and 2 just this morning po and I know how stressful your life is in the studio. I've seen it on cam and off cam. Thousands of people waiting outside your studio and it's normal that we make rush decisions but that doesn't define our personality and wholebeing.

What is important is that you were able to learn from it and was able to do the right thing in a timely manner.

The nation will not forget how many people you've helped already just because of this mistake.

- I salute all the teachers who are hardworking. I experienced being disciplined before by my elementary teacher. Na palabas na din ako dati kasi di ko nagawa assignment ko noon dahil wala ng space notebook ko at wala pambiling notebook (Ma'am Garo my grade 4 teacher).

I wouldn't realize na marami pang ibang paraan kung pinagbigyan lang ako ni teacher at hindi nadisiplina. Now, I grown up resourceful and that's because of their discipline (kaya nahanap ko yung cctv) . My parents disciplined me before and it's worse than my teachers but I love it, it made me who am I today :)

- Please don't bash the family of the kid kasi lahat naman tayo ganun mararamdaman lalo na kung may bata tayo at ganyan ang nangyari normal lang yun basta walang pambubugbog.

- Also, we have to accept the fact that discipline cannot be earned in an easy way it's always the hard way. Like diamonds bago naging dyamante yan naging bato muna yan at nag undergo ng mahabang process at hindi yun madali.


Source: Facebook

Netizen Helped by Tulfo Shows Support: "The nation will not forget how many people you've helped" Netizen Helped by Tulfo Shows Support: "The nation will not forget how many people you've helped" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 24, 2019 Rating: 5
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