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Mayor Isko Moreno Gives P100-K & Permament Job to Honest Pedicab Boy Who Returns P1.2-M

The country's most popular local chief executive, Mayor Isko Moreno of the City of Manila made headlines anew after he rewarded P100,000 and permanent job to an honest pedicab boy who returns P1.2 Million from a Chinese National.

The good samaritan pedicab driver was identified as Benjie Ordanza, 42, a resident of Baseco Compound, asked a councilor of Manila for help to return a bag containing the money, an expensive watch and passport of a Chinese national.

The pedicab driver who is now popular on social media after Mayor Isko Moreno presented him on his official social media account, was assisted by the Manila City government quickly as they searched for the owner of the bag.

In a a viral Facebook Live Video, Mayor Isko Moreno presented Benjie Ordanza to the netizens to give him a reward for his honesty.

During the said live video presentation of the City of Manila, Ordanza received praises from Mayor Isko, saying that the people like Ordanza are "very rare" especialy they're living in poverty.

"Sa hirap ng buhay ng tao, madali mag-asam ng hindi iyo lalo kung walang nakakakita… He could have done other things other than this (returning it). It is literally very rare especially nowadays," Moreno told the Chinese national.

Mayor Isko also revealed that according to the Chinese national he don't even remember where he left his money, but Ordanza still returned the valuables.

Due to the honesty and sincerity of Ordanza, Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna gave a total of P100,000 rewards to Benjie Ordanza. The Mayor also offered a job to the good samaritan pedicab driver who is now secured of having a permanent government job.

Mayor Isko Domagoso Moreno also gave his own personal jacket to Ordanza and gave advice to the good samaritan driver once he started working in the government of Manila under his administration. The Manila City Mayor also urged all the residents of Manila to follow the footsteps made by Ordanza being an honest citizen of the city.

Marami kang dadanasin, maraming tuksong kakaharapin, minsan ka ng hindi na tukso wala ka sa gobyerno, eto lang ang masarap sa gobyerno, naglilingkod ka na sa taumbayan, may sweldo ka pa," Moreno said.

Watch the Video of the Good Samaritan & Mayor Isko:

Source: Mayor Isko Moreno FB Page

Mayor Isko Moreno Gives P100-K & Permament Job to Honest Pedicab Boy Who Returns P1.2-M Mayor Isko Moreno Gives P100-K & Permament Job to Honest Pedicab Boy Who Returns P1.2-M Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 10/31/2019 Rating: 5

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