Netizen Expose the Alleged Lies of Sen. Grace Poe on President's Emergency Power Issue

Concerned netizen and prominent defender of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Krizette Laureta Chu expose the alleged lies of Sen. Grace Poe in the controversial Emergency Power issue which was supposed to be granted to the President.

According to Krizette Chu, Sen. Grace Poe is "super grabeng echosera" as she urged the senator to stop being a liar.

The statement of the concerned netizen came out on social media after Sen. Grace Poe claimed that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) failed to pass the needed requirements to her office but based on record the requirements were already complied with, three years ago. No other than the senator admitted that the requirements were already passed as reported on national paper.

Krizette Chu noted that Sen. Grace Poe wanted to clear her name that the reasons why she did not pass the emergency powers was due to not passing of the requirements by the DOTr. The statement of Sen. Grace came out after a survey firm reported an 80 percent approval rating for the President.

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Chu:


Dear Grace Poe, please don’t be a liar. She said today na hindi daw nagpasa requirements sa kanya ang DOTR thats why she didnt pass emergency powers. Three years ago sabi nya complete na requirements ng DOTR.


After nakita nyang 80 percent ang approval rating ng lolo mong si Rodrigo, biglang hugas kamay siya na kaya daw nya hindi pinasa yung EMERGENCY POWERS dahil hindi daw nag send yung DOTR ng list of things na kailangan under emergency powers.

Sabi ni Grace Poe sa article na ito which was published today:

“We were all for passing the bill last Congress, if not for the failure of the DOTr to submit to us the list of projects that will be covered by the grant of powers,” said Poe.…/poe-hopes-duterte-will…/story/…

Three years ago, iba sinasabi nya:

“While the DOTr enumerated the list of projects in Metro Manila, Poe noted that it did not provide specific traffic plans for highly urbanized areas like Cebu and Davao.

Now that the DOTr has submitted the list of projects to address the traffic problem, Poe said a technical working group can now start its work on September 8.”…/list-of-projects-under-emergen…/amp

Grabe. Walang paninidigan, walang katotohan, perwisyong totoo lamang.

Balita ko lang, chismis lang naman, every morning her and her staff pore through newspapers and looks at the big issues of the day, tapos pipili sya ng pwedeng sakyan.

Kaya pinag dedeskitahan ang Transpo kahit wala namang alam kasi yun yung pinaka closest sa tao.

Napaka chararat.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB

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