Thinking Pinoy Compares Lower & Upper House Supports on Pres. Duterte's Priority Bills

Veteran researcher and prominent blogger Thinking Pinoy who is best known in the social media sphere as one of the most influential DDS Blogger with more than a million followers compared the achievements of the Lower House and Upper House of Congress in supporting Pres. Rody Duterte's priority bills.

According to Thinking Pinoy based upon the table he created and the details sourced from the House of Representatives and the Philippine Senate he discovered that Rep. Gloria Arroyo successfully passed all 28 of PRRD's priorities, while Sen. Sotto-led Senate passed only 16 bills.

Some of the Most Significant Bills Passed into Laws and Signed by Pres. Duterte includes are Bangsamoro Organic Law; Rice Tarrification Act; Universal Healthcare Act, Tax Amnesty Act; National ID System Act; and Expanded Maternity Leave. The most controversial bills which failed to passed the Senate is the Emergency Powers vs. Traffic.

Read the TP's Comparison Between Team Sotto & Team Gloria:


Judging from this table, Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo really is an astute politician.

As the 17th Congress comes to a close, let's check which of Pres. Rody Duterte's priority bills gained enough support from the House of Representatives of the Philippines led by House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Senate of the Philippines led by Senate President Vicente Tito Sotto.

After checking the respective websites of the HoR, the Senate, and the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, I found out that the Arroyo-led House successfully passed all 28 of PRRD's priorities, while the Sotto-led Senate passed only 16.

Among those that both Houses approved were:

1. BANGSAMORO ORGANIC LAW (RA 11054) creating the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, a crucial step towards lasting peace in Muslim Mindanao

2. RICE TARIFFICATION ACT (RA 11203) loosening rice import restrictions, making rice more affordable

3. UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE ACT (RA 11223) providing affordable health coverage to all Filipinos

4. TAX AMNESTY (RA 111213) allowing delinquent tax payers to start a new life and be part of nation-building. Note that the President line-item vetoed the General Tax Amnesty section of this law and a couple of other sections. More details later.

5. NATIONAL ID SYSTEM (RA 11055) allowing Filipinos to transact with just one government-issued ID, lessening red tape and making law enforcement easier

6. EXPANDED MATERNITY LEAVE (RA 11210) granting mothers up to 105 days of leave and the option 7 of these to fathers. Extra 15 days of leave are given to single mothers.

Among PRRD's priority bills that hurdled the House but the Senate failed to pass are:

1. EMERGENCY POWERS VS TRAFFIC (HB 6425 | SB 1284), which would have given the Executive Department the authority to quickly fix the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila

2. HIGHER TOBACCO AND ALCHOL SIN TAXES (HBs 8677 & 8618 | SBs 2233 & 2197), which would have provided much needed funding for the Universal Healthcare Law.

The Department of Finance said the non-passage of both makes our newly-passed Universal Healthcare Law "third-class".

3. HIGHER TAXES ON LARGE-SCALE MINING (HB 8400 | SB 0225) which would have increased the taxes levied on large mining companies, giving the Duterte Government more funding for projects like those in Build Build Build.

4. MANDATORY ROTC (HB 8961 | SB 2232), which would have enhance our country's defense capabilities, especially in light of the political opposition's rabid insistence on fortifying our claims in the South China Sea.

5. DEPARTMENT OF DISASTER RESILIENCE (HB 8165 | SB 1994), which would have allowed us to have more streamlined responses to calamities (i.e. avoid another Yolanda Debacle).


I'd like to thank House Speaker Arroyo for her ability and willingness to crack the whip at Batasang Pambansa Complex in support of PRRD's priority measures.

On the other hand, I would also like to thank Senate President Tito Sotto for managing to pass a little over half of what PRRD wanted.

With that said, I think it's a relief that a vast majority of the 12 new seats in the Senate are about to be filled up by administration-aligned politicians, as the table accompanying this post shows that the support PRRD enjoys in Pasay is a lot less than what he enjoys in Batasan.

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Source: Thinking Pinoy FB Page

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