DPWH Expect to Grant SMC Authority to Build Boracay Bridge Worth P5.5 Billion

The Department of Public Works and Highways under the leadership of Secretary Mark Villar is expected to grant listed conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC) an approval to build the 1.2 kilometer Boracay Bridge connecting the mainland Caticlan, Malay, Aklan to Boracay Island.

According to the initial information released by the DPWH and the SMC, the Boracay Bridge Project will cost SMC P5.5 Billion and the DPWH is now finalizing the original proponent status (OPS).

Once the OPS is completed, the DPWH would bring the proposal to NEDA for final approval of the President of the Philippines who is also the chairman of NEDA.

In an official statement release to the media, Secretary Mark Villar was quoted as saying "We're still finalizing the OPS. We are still processing it. We can expect the OPS definitely soon," Sec. Villar said.

Based upon the project description of the Boracay Bridge Project, the Project Aims to:

1: To provide a reliable transportation means to Panay Island from Boracay Island which is optimized for the transportation using a bridge rather than ferries.

2: To provide a safe evacuation route for the people from Boracay Island when Typhoon approaches the island.

3: To prevent the sea and the land from being polluted by sewage water and preserve the environment of Boracay by moving out wastes as soon as they are generated To transport the waste generated in Boracay Island to Panay Island and supply water to Boracay Island through a water supply pipeline to be constructed on the proposed bridge.

4: To supply power and telecommunication through their pipelines to be constructed on the proposed bridge.

The SMC also stated that the proposed Boracay Bridge Project is not envisioned to cater to vehicular therough-traffic, so as not to congest the island.  It will be provided with loading/unloading areas on both ends to process the movement of commuters, solid waste, goods, and supplies.

SMC President and COO Ramon Ang said that the bridge will help reduce the congestion in Boracay and alleviate the pressure on its limited resources as will as to reduce the need for tourists and tourism workerss to stay on the island.

“Building the Caticlan-Boracay bridge would be a novel approach to resolve Boracay’s environmental woes and bring about growth to other areas in Aklan. The accessibility of Boracay, through the proposed bridge, would enable developers to build hotels and resorts outside the island. These can be premiere destinations in their own right, as these areas also boast of beautiful beaches and coastlines.”  Ang said.

The proposed P5.5 Billion Boracay Bridge Project woul be mostly made of concrete according to SMC and once approved the project will be finish within two years.

Right now, those want to travel to Boracay from Caticlan Port and Vice Versa would have to ride a boat or ferry. Visitors need to pay P100.00 for Terminal Fee and P25.00 for the boat fare, P30.00 during night time travel. An environmental fee worth P75.00 will be charged once you decide to visit Boracay.

Source: DPWH / SMC

DPWH Expect to Grant SMC Authority to Build Boracay Bridge Worth P5.5 Billion DPWH Expect to Grant SMC Authority to Build Boracay Bridge Worth P5.5 Billion Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 26, 2019 Rating: 5
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