PAO Forensic Examination Results on Richard Santillan's Body Released (Video)

The Public Attorney's Office (PAO) Forensic Team released an initial report of Forensic Examination conducted on Richard Santillan's body as they discovered the 63 injuries including signs of torture, head blood clot and fractures.

In a now viral video, veteran forensic expert and medical personality, Dr. Erwin Erfe revealed that there were injuries made while he was still alive and injuries after his death.

There were also signs of tortures in the body of Richard Santillan according to Dr. Erfe, they discovered signs of torture, multiple trauma on his head, chest and his abdomen. Signs of multiple punctured wounds at his back and lower extremeties, and gunshot wounds were found on different of his body.

Watch the Release of PAO Forensic Exam:

PAO revealed that there were 18 entry wounds plus three undetermined wounds, 12 exit wounds, seven incessations and lacerations and 7, 6 functured wounds and several abretions, while 5 fractured wounds were found on different parts of his body.

The cause of death of Richard Santillan is multiple gunshot wounds to the head, to the neck, body, and his legs. Dr. Erwin Erfe also showed the trajectories of bullets during the alleged encounter.

Meanwhile, veteran international blogger and sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack also joined the cause of exposing the investigations on Richard Santillan's death.

Here's What Atty. Paula Knack Stated on Facebook:

SANTILLAN had 63 injuries based on ATM PAO Forensic examination results !!! MGA HAYOP GUMAWA NYAN !!

TINORTURE, MAY HEAD BLOOD CLOT, MAY MGA FRACTURE at ang daming incised wounds, sumabog pa ang mga buto sa paa !! PATAY NA NOONG BINARIL !......"encounter ba yan ?"

Kinuha pa ng PNP Crime Lab ang damit ng corpse ayon sa punerarya para hindi makita kung gaano dumugo ang mga sugat !

ATM, PAO Forensic Examination results

Source: Facebook

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